The Trolley Problem, American edition*.

* also applies to Australia

@acb cries in australian

also off-topic, but this really captures the visual aesthetic of boomer memes and i love it

@Petra_fied @acb Wait, boomers have memes? I didn't think they even used the internet in the first place outside of sharing pictures of their cats and dogs and guns on Facebook...

OCR Output (chars: 468) 

@acb my Tesla is programmed to only run over children

tesla shitpost 


BUT! You could steal a car and ram the Tesla with Elon into driving over that wretched racist shitbag in the lower left (I can't be arsed to remember his name, he's just another shitbag) and crashing into a wall. Elon gone! Other less rich shitbag gone! Random people saved!

Let's hope none of the random people are also shitheels, because the tire iron in the trunk of -- oh! Wait, no. Two cars, two tire irons. We're good. All tools necessary for that eventuality. ^_^ 😈

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