Melbourne University have uploaded scans of every Melway street directory from 1966 to 1999:


Now someone needs to code up a browser to let you scroll back and forth through time in a page

@acb It would be incredible if these were georeferenced, it would not be difficult to turn them into a Google-Earth style map with just such a timeline feature.

@jimbob @acb I would really love to know how and why that company aesthetic for Melbourne became so dominant, single lines for streets rather than drawn blocks as in other cities

@jimbob @acb ESTA has a georeferenced digitised Melways map, would that help?

@ThermiteBeGiants @acb it would be helpful but I'd still have to go back and georeference every page of the old books one by one... which sounds fun but I'm still behind on georeferencing some 1970s hand drawn maps of the Tasmanian wilderness...

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