1. Exterior of the urban asteroid during heavy space traffic, showing Saturn ring-shaped cooling fin and sunlight focusing mirror.
2. Caverns between 0-10km below the surface. Centrifugal habitats cling between two boulders, while city sprawls overhead. Heat pipes in distance.
3. View into the central cavern, or 'gravity balloon'. About 10km below the surface, the weight of rock in low gravity pressurizes a vast sphere of air.
4. Inside an individual urban "spindistrict" as seen in 2) and 3).

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I wanted to do the full series of this in my pinkscale style, but I just haven't had the energy lately so this is kind of a hodgepodge. Pic 3) is the oldest of the bunch, and lacks a lot of detail I want to include next time: zero-gee cityscape hanging between the cylinders on cables, more varied architecture, graffiti and other art

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