"I'm an expert on disinformation. I used to work for the CIA, who as you know have a proven track record of correct and impartial informating, so you can trust me on this one for sure."

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i'm not saying former spies / military people / etc can't become disillusioned with that stuff (see Smedley Butler for an example) and speak earnestly out of concern for the general public but you i feel like one should probably be a little bit more suspicious of someone who bills themself as a former CIA agent and advertises their authority on that basis over "people on twitter" in detecting propaganda and mistruths

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"support # our intelligence community" quote 

"We were raised in the C.I.A. culture; we are proud of it and protective of its work. ...

Now more than ever, we believe former intelligence officers need to help raise the level of debate, appropriately share information within our areas of expertise and help the public understand the role of our dedicated intelligence professionals."
Cindy Otis, Ned Price and John Sipher, "Don’t Muzzle Former C.I.A. Officers"

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