i watched Rock and Rule last night because i read that it was a "cult movie" on wikipedia and naively expected that meant it was pretty good just underappreciated. but it turns out the reason it bombed at the box office is because its actually like the zelda CDI of movies with shades of 60s spiderman and a cast of incredibly fuck ugly anthro characters

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oh yeah i remembered the other thing i wanted to compare it with, ken penders' magnum opus aka THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES for the uninitiated

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@goaty it was incredibly interesting because it's not just a good bad movie about shitty furries that was misattributed to ralph bakshi by some promotional materials (completely understandable) it's actually weirdly cyberpunk and has some good moments of animated technology and backgrounds but it seems like they ran out of money because they spent all the budget on meticulously over-animating every character (hence the CDI resemblance) and giving the villain way too many facial wrinkles

@goaty but yes it's astonishingly good bad and this is my way of recommending it as an experience

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