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oh yeah shoutout to the time a couple weeks ago when the college-y looking guy in front of me at the self checkout line was sporting the thickest ass i'd seen all day

πŸ‘οΈ Come on and clap your hands now and let yourself unwind
Everybody together in a universal mind
Get off of that ego into a higher place
Check out my music dig my magic space πŸ‘οΈ

πŸ”ž furry nudity: she is here... πŸ”ž 

girl testosterone, and big

comic brainstorming. set during the early transhuman era, the mid-21st to 23rd centuries

πŸ”ž furry art: reference lineup for my characters πŸ”ž 

dramatis personae

i got a curiouscat (nsfw)

you can ask my characters anything and i'll try to draw a reply if it's a fun question. check out this thread on my twitter for some background on my characters, it's also nsfw lol

how do i make the columns expand to fit my screen. why is it stuck being this narrow

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