i guess it sort of looks better but then you scroll lower on your profile page and the info box and comments section feel very barren and like "graphic design is my passion" lol.. doesn't help that avatars don't seem to load

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deviantart's new interface is just as awkward as their last and a bit worse to use, too, lol

i've been watching lots of youtube "weird web" documentaries lately and you quickly learn from this stuff that any "mysterious youtube / twitter account" is absolutely for sure someone's ARG

@softgoat hahaha ahh ok. i thought it might be an ARG thing but it's definitely some kids' project i'm sure. or idk maybe it could be an ARG thing still? i googled it and found a couple of videos for it too that are extremely funny to me because it really is just entirely a sequence of movie studio splash screens lol youtube.com/watch?v=JiMt74JDTh

camping out on mastodon.social because i like light mode and i do not want to lose what little audience i have on here lol. is there any reason to move instances if you don't want to drop followers like flies?

those "aliens think humans are [blank]" posts are always super corny so here's one i like lol

it's extremely fucked up to me how apparently the weak nuclear force and the electromagnetic force are actually themselves different mixtures of even more fundamental gauge fields named SU(2)L and U(1)Y. why do they call it the fundamental forces then

hello! i'm erin, a trans female writer and artist. i draw furry art and write my "hard science fantasy" setting, Okanverse (working title). expect multiverse hopping, starfighter shooting, political intrigue, cyberpunk technologies, strange magics
i suppose!

[patreon] patreon.com/cyberstride
[ko-fi] ko-fi.com/cyberstride

[find me elsewhere on my website] cyberstride.carrd.co/

when evgeny pashukanis spoke of the "heritage of the bourgeois epoch which is fated to outlive the bourgeoisie itself", he was talking about people deciding that Twitter is the social media platform that the free, federated web must strive to emulate

@snailerotica i appreciate the interest! i'm not sure what i'd say in that regard at the moment, i think i'd like to write out more of their backstory publicly before i invite people to make OCs of them, and i haven't even named them yet. if you like though, we could talk more on DMs or somethin!

the okanverse vibe is xiaoyu's theme from tekken tag

doodled some freighters to test out drawing machines on my new tablet a few months ago

people on Twitter helped me create a new character by filling out suggestions so I combined em all! meet Locksley, tough enby jackalope girl who WILL whoop your butt. flies spaceships?

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