You betta be goin’ home in an armored truck tonight, if you know what I mean...

Y-you can’t testify as to her ability to kill an eggǃ I mean, a personǃ

No no no, please, by all means interrupt her! Please!

Guilty! MR. PHOENIX WRIGHT! You are hereby declared GUILTY!!

”You won’t live very long if you let everything bother you...” (Somehow, that coming from an assassin makes it less than comforting...)

(A fight between a lawyer and an overgrown furnace? Who’d ever pay to see thatǃ?)

P-Please stop competing with an 8-year-old... It’s disturbing...

Look at me when I’m talking to you, you 8-bit excuse for an attorneyǃ

”I can’t say I particularly care for your attitude…” ”I can’t say I care for your beard, but you don’t see me complainin’.”

This helmet is airtight! No air’s gets in and no air gets out!

(A judge with a bib. That’s why this place feels so much like kindergarten sometimes.)

Noooo! You see, this is something completely different! This is my top-secret list of groceries to buyyyyyyy!!

OK, the toilet is shinier than the judge’s head, so let’s see what’s next…

”Be quiet and listen... Your Honor.” ”Yes, sir.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Capitalist pig! I'll turn you into pork stroganoff!

You know what dreams the cacti out in the desert dream? You want to?

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