Come on, Gumshoe! Be the dumbest you’ve ever been!

I detest talk of supernatural drivel. I suppose now you’ll say she has midi-chlorians?

P-Please stop competing with an 8-year-old... It’s disturbing...

(Like sand through the hourglass, so are the Days of the Circus...)

(Maybe I can get Edgeworth to pay this month’s rent, too...)

Ah, in case you were wondering, Bluecorp was named after the color ”blue”ǃ And why, you ask? Because I like the color blue, of courseǃ

Please don’t say that torpedoes are things people just leave lying around.

Note to self: police investigations are like settling land.

She’s a great kid, and really cute... And really great... And cute.

You sent that painting to him, didn’t youǃ As a signǃ A sign of undying loveǃ

Hey, guess what. Actually, I, um, really hate your guts.

Motive, Mr. Wright! Motive! Might you my merry murderous motive manifest?

Wow, the big name lawyer boy doesn’t even know what a driver’s permit isǃ?

Man, oh man. Lawyers these days. Now you dudes use kids to pull in clients, too?

Mess with me...and I’ll make you cough it ALL upǃ

In 1972, a crack clown unit was sent to prison by a circus court for a crime they didn’t commit.

"The entrance to the abyss is barred to mere mortals like us, huh?" "Oh well. That's what you call 'a swing and abyss'."

When I get a hold of him, I’m going to saw his wood block in half… And not with magicǃǃ

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