So, like an ill-trained pooch, you snuck off with a shoeǃ

(...There’s something to be said about the humor value of Gumshoe as the Blue Badger.)

Once I’ve done my stint in Paris, you’ll have to call me Monsieur Gumchaussure.

I’d sooner eat the south side of a north-bound skunk than tell youǃ

No no no, please, by all means interrupt her! Please!

(Why do I look like I’d be great at somersaultsǃ?)

You look like I did after I mistakenly took a swig of Worcestershire sauce.

Perhaps I have intimidated you with my giantesque vocabulary...?

Just remember this, Mr. Wright: Every time you point your finger, someone gets hurt.

Bailiff, I don’t care who it is, smack anyone who’s loud in the faceǃ Twice if you mustǃ

A prosecutor wearing a defense attorney’s badge? That’s like a detective with a license to kill!

We had a department party the other day, and when I got home I was wearing the boss’s shoes!

(Who could’ve guessed that fear would induce a bad Brooklyn accent in the judge?)

How could this happen!? It’s like a nightmare! It’s like losing to my daughter!

People are jealous of my roguishly cool ”detective look”, pal.

(Sure. Pin the hypothermia on the lawyer is great funǃ)

Not you too, Miaǃ With the whip... And the pain... And the oww...

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