Note to self: Mr. Wright is weak against poisonous snake bites.

(Real smart, Maya. You always know the best things to say when you’re under oath...)

Oh, I understand now, sirǃ It’s just like my tieǃ Two out of three times it gets stuck when I get out of my patrol vehicle, sirǃ

My granddaughter has a dog whom she calls ”Phoenix”. Well, Mr. Phoenix Wright? Does this make you my granddaughter’s fiancéeǃ?

H-how did he do it? With a Samurai Kickǃ And a Samurai Punchǃ Samurai Chopǃ ...Samurai Slapǃ S-something like that.

You may have a future yet as a slimy muckraker for a putrid third-rate tabloid!

What is it, Mr. Wrightǃ? You’re grinning like a schoolgirl on prom nightǃ

”Be quiet and listen... Your Honor.” ”Yes, sir.”

”I was hoping I’d come up with a question while pounding on my desk. I didn’t.” ”... You have my sympathies.”

"Golden-Ager"? Don't you dare send me off to the retirement home yet, sonny!

Hey, guess what. Actually, I, um, really hate your guts.

(For the love of all things good, Your Honor, have some spine... For my sake...)

Don’t worry about it! In the name of love, a man will soil himself silly!

[Glen Elg’s losing horse racing tickets thrown back on the floor.]
”Use the trash can, Nick!”

hey y'all support a queer trans latina gurl imo. thanks


support a trans girl and her family to get out of debt from an extremely abusive person$evannaji venmo evannaji


Heh. Perhaps you should ask Ms. Cykes for some help in reviewing Defense for Dummies.

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