[gif] i have been so hungry all day it is so hard to focus

[gif] this isn't even the completed project i have further plans for it i just.... it's the Line Wiggle:tm:. here it is.

gif]] this is officially my first flash animation. behold. i have done it

pushes down my own scroll with recentish art so i won't have to see that irritatingly fast gif

I Make Awful Blender Animations When I'm Stressed, Jon. It's What I Do.

gif] no matter what i do, i can't get this exported at the right frame rate. so linking the song it goes with doesn't matter either

¯\_(- - )_/¯

i've had a weird couple days but i don't want to go too long without posting at least something here. so here's part of a venty dog i drew today

so this one is longer and it doesn't get cut. WHO AM I

[gif] i've been awake too long now and all i'm going to get out of this project is terrible idle animations, part 2 of ???

i.imgur.com/bFHFUxg.gif and a link to the slightly longer version

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