there was sort of a lot of text to go with this, but. it's kind of pointless, isn't it? guess i'll kick open the ol' blender and see about making something nice.

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i feel really really really gross and unclean ha ha ha but i hold on to what i can

that's enough of this for now, he says. okay. guess it wouldn't be too bad if we went back to sleep. have to go in eight hours anyway.

havent had the room alone in days not that i have the right to it

sometimes i wish my cybernetics weren't so in the way. i'd like to be able to get a bit closer than the helm typically allows.

it's my account and i'll vent if i want to (i literally can't stop) ((end me))

i'll be good, i think i could

be all you would want and more and more

so yeah. guess i might as well leave the damn subject alone

there's no time for stupid crushes when i don't have a job or probably a place to live soon

as if you need one more thing to make your life more difficult. as if i need to tangle you up any more than you already are. i know i'll just create disaster

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