Researching a new office chair really is a trip down the rabbit hole! 1000's of dubious options in the sub 200€ range, mostly garish gaming seats, this is going to be trickier than I thought! (checking "local" shops to try not a viable option alas).
Must have: Lumbar support and decent seat cushion...Any recommendations? (EU zone)

@acesabe don’t cheap out, go to a store and test sit them. Ideally the vendor allows you to test one for a week or two to ensure that the chair is comfortable in “normal” use


@bfiedler where we are that basically isn't a practical option, we are far from any decent office furniture retailers, even the closest places have only a couple to offer, price wise, here's the thing, any decent reputable chair is waaay more expensive than most on offer at an affordable and reasonable price. I don't need a throne, just basic comfort with some lumbar support. Easy right?? 🤔

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@acesabe Unfortunately it's not really easy I fear 😅

Buying a chair is a personal thing: Chairs that are comfortable for one person aren't for the other, which is why testing is the guaranteed way to get a decent chair.

It may be that all options of one particular 150 Euro chair are a great fit for you, but that's unlikely. The only way to find out is to go to a store and test them

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