Garden visitor taking advantage of the irrigation system! This is a ladder snake, not venomous but like to venture indoors to hunt on occasion!

Ruta geología y geografía de la zona geoparque de Granada, Orce, Castríl Galera.
Snow capped La Sagra and Sierra Castríl in the background

Due to the actions of Russian madman, 🌻oil prices rocketing so thought we'd get some locally produced olive oil instead! Refills refilled 👍

You ok hun? Been overdoing the Tooting much recently? Well must say my timeline is way more manageable now. Oh and I have used OBS Studio but yeah whateva...seeya

So went skiing yesterday for first time, good thing to cross off your list of things to do before you die!

So, after countless hours searching for software/driver issue that causes my headset to have low volume in only one app *in Windows, Linux & MacOS*, in the end the issue is dodgy cable from vol control to headset! Why only one app impacted remains a mystery...

Looks like are joining in the info wars battle, but who decides what is misinformation?

Medic! Two dead foxes over the last weekend, sad as likely poisoned and no sane reason to do so, keep chickens? Keep them safe! The foxes mostly eat small mammals, rabbits (if they can catch them) insects or other invertebrates, berries etc...

Getting things warmed up for tonight, not that it's been cold today! Will be cold later tho...

Well this didn't suck! 30C thermal lake, only exists when reservoir level low, which in recent years is now the norm alas...Still water was divine!

*Throws keyboard in the bin and declares Xmas break live* 😝

Chillis. I keep mine up on the...ok ok you get the idea..

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