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Medic! Two dead foxes over the last weekend, sad as likely poisoned and no sane reason to do so, keep chickens? Keep them safe! The foxes mostly eat small mammals, rabbits (if they can catch them) insects or other invertebrates, berries etc...

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Yeah so ok was worth a watch I guess, at least the ending perhaps wasn't quite the expected...? Medium crass sci-fi till end of credits to get the final comedy scene..

Getting things warmed up for tonight, not that it's been cold today! Will be cold later tho...

Well this didn't suck! 30C thermal lake, only exists when reservoir level low, which in recent years is now the norm alas...Still water was divine!

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The full is now again available offline!

Download the latest and largest compendium of human knowledge at

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The BETA release for version 11 of #Flameshot is finally here 🎉. This is perhaps by far the biggest release we have ever had. As you will see in the link below, there were major refactorings to the internals of Flameshot. We did our best internal testing, but this particular beta is more likely to have issues than most.

We will be in beta for 1-2 weeks depending on what kind of issues are found and then do the official release.

*Throws keyboard in the bin and declares Xmas break live* 😝

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streaming software is an illegal fork of

Trump stole Mastodon ... TikTok seems to follow his shoes.

Sue those MF... Only way to make them understand.


Remember yesterday’s news about TikTok releasing a go live platform? Turns out it’s a fork of

Shoutout to for pointing this out



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I have just eaten a fresh (neighbours tree, windfall, ripe) and am surprised at how agreeable it was, not so dry or sharp, subtle wild apple flavour with gentle lemony tart, gently crunchy leaving a gentle tangy sharpness in the mouth. 8/10.

So now we live in a somewhat remote location, I send an inordinate amount of time online shopping and then on the phone/emailing customer services chasing orders/deliveries. Not sure this was the plan.

Chillis. I keep mine up on the...ok ok you get the idea..

Sausages. I keep mine up on the wall. Where do you keep yours?

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