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i drove a car today for the first time in about 18 months. i still know how, sorta, but it's stressful. it's a skill worth having, but i'm glad that my life doesn't require me to do this daily.

for me, the struggle for housing justice & for the right to the city is the struggle for the right not to drive, the right not to _have_ to own a car, the right to not _have_ to endanger my own and others' lives on a daily basis. that is, inescapably, what driving is - until we have self-driving cars.

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hey comrades, Amazon is trying to bully Seattle out of taxing a _tiny_ fraction of its profits. come out on Saturday to show them we won't stand for that, and to pressure the city council into passing the EHT!

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No puedo subir el gif animado (es demasiado pesado para mastodon), pero si quieren verlo pueden visitar mi blog (+la imagen en resolución 1920x1080)

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"no, these are the good ones, give me the bad ones"

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Henlo frens-- A dear friend of mine needs your help!

Her name is Natasha; she's disabled and trans, living in the DC area. She lost her job shortly after the car wreck that took the regular use of her legs from her. But good news!! It sounds like she's about to be extended a job offer that should get her financially stable again! She's way short on rent this month though and could really use some help!

Boosts are very much appreciated ♥️

Arms manufacturers in the USA have been shedding billions of dollars in stock value since the declaration of peace between North Korea and South Korea.

"Lockheed Martin fell 2.5% to a valuation of about $92.1 billion; Northrop Grumman slid 3.4% to $56 billion; General Dynamics shed 3.8% to $60.7 billion; Raytheon dropped 3.6% to $50.8 billion; and finally, Boeing slid a much lesser 1% to $200.2 billion."

superheroes are just special cops fuck them

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loved ones and friends who worry i am not taking care of myself, please be proud of me. i wrapped up my political commitment at 7:30 instead of 9, and i am taking the early bus home while rereading all of _Andre and Karl_ :)

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