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acetone kitten

"passengers must have a destination while riding valley metro rail"

okay this is a shitty racist & classist rule aimed at giving transit cops carte blanche to hassle the unhoused, but i'm also mad that you officially cannot do a situationist "derive" on phoenix mass transit

i must say i am delighted that the future offers so many novel and wonderful ways to be a giant hecking dork :D

(photos by the lovely @timber)

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rolling out of a bar full of my best commie friends drunk as hell. life is good, my dears. life is good. some tiny battles won, a war yet to fight, and stalwart comrades to fight shoulder to shoulder with. i can't ask much more.

"hey the earth is exploding you have no choice but to come to our gay communist space station"
"fine. do my billions of dollars still work there"
"you bet your ass they don't"

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i spent the whole day doing politics and political logistics, working on a campaign to pressure the city to build a shitload of public housing, and then i walked a couple miles in the rain listening to Metric, and then i bought a bunch of tofu and chocolate, and i am Happy

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@green y'all still good for tomorrow, 7, Allegro? so we can recognize each other, i'll have a bright Barbie-pink laptop in front of me :)

all the best conversations i had as i was canvassing, bar none, were with queer people. and a disabled anarchist woman who wanted to blow up data centers, that was excellent.

also, huge, huge shoutout to @Aradia who did amazing things today, and made all the canvassing and organizing i was doing easier and better and more fun. <3

i was carrying SocAlt's banner in tthe absolute rear of the women's march, and there was a noise like a house-sized vacuum cleaner. it was a streetsweeper behind a line of cops. it just reinforced that the March is a safe, managed, liberal event, and the real work of building socialism and working class power came before and after.