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i'm in the bathroom and VNV Nation is coming up through the ducts from the garage where Rowan is working. all's right with the world

@evenorbert respectfully, this is a very naive reading of what police and armies do, and historically those two have been a fair bit more blurred. although i agree it's a real bad sign when the rulers call out the army to take over police functions.

i just had an anxiety event that made me realize just how omnipresent my anxiety was 20 or so years ago. suddenly the simple act of buying fast food before an event was impossible. it was very strange yet too familiar, a flashback. the anxiety had never gone away, just slowly dimmed, and for some reason this afternoon it blazed up. i don't know why it came back or why it faded in the first place. let's hope this is an aberration and i can get back to my 2017 status quo. i have work to do.

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@mawr really all i ever do is just show up. i guess badasses show up? :)

"but i do have that old time religion, where we still don't cross the picket lines"

i'll be showing up tomorrow at the picket lines in support of the at&t strike. dm me if you'd like to come with :)

political establishment: the problems we face are hard. there is no easy solution. we don't have enough ideas. if only creative ideas weren't a scarce resource

the internet, grassroots movements, anthropologists: here are lots of new ideas on how to organise people, overcome challenges of our day, and distribute resources more equitably and efficiently

political establishment: first of all, how dare you. second of all, shut the fuck up.

@indi i keep on faving, like, all your gender posts.

the best ways i've found to think about what i want from gender and sexuality are... often _science fiction_, sometimes _sf porn_. i'm thinking of Iron Eater's _Decanter_ and the Homestuck trolls and so forth. this suits me because sf informed a lot of my early thoughts on gender and sexuality, along with 2nd wave feminism, but, like, these are great _inspirations_ and very bad _resources_.

retoot if you're the gay sibling/relative

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@literorrery the latter sounds hard. the former is totes doable, let's make that happen. :)

eating freezer burned ice cream and reading 2004 anarchist literature in hopes of plucking out emotional and/or tactical inspiration.

this is the real life, motherfuckers

A volume control monitoring app in HP laptops, according to this, monitors *all* keystrokes to see if the volume up/down buttons are pressed, and keeps an unencrypted plaintext log file of every keystroke, *and* has an API to hand over data realtime.

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Current work situation:

I was given an additional month on my PiP after I talked with a lawyer and came forward about sexual harassment I had been experiencing. While this is a huge relief I'm still in jeopardy of losing my job and I think it's about time I move forward anyway. I'd appreciate any out reach if anyone has any connections in tech for more trans friendly environment in the Portland / Seattle area! If you contact me here I can send you a resume ASAP!

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@body sometimes your work terrifies me and other times it makes me want to weep in sudden, painful hope

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