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The worst thing about capitalism is that it has taught us to suffer everything alone and with shame instead of sharing our burdens (and our dreams) and I am sick and tired of it.

I hate how often ‘broaden our movement’ and ‘build a united left’ is code for ‘work with left wing political parties who won’t hesitate to report us to the cops.

How about we broaden our movement to our workfloors, streets, schools? How about we build a united left by connecting to all the little action groups trying to make the world a little better where they are?

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If you're moving from art to anarchist blogging, let go of all you know about giving credit.

Quoting someone's radical ideas to a new audience without consent can expose them to dangerous attention.

Reposts are harder to censor and remove than reblog chains.

Being a decent writer shouldn't mean we get popular and acquire social power. Valuing popularity encourages empty 'hot take' culture.

Fuck credit. Steal all my stuff. Our ideas should move freely and belong to all of us.

If you're furloughed and need insulin, there's a group trying to arrange supplies at

lifehack: whenever public wifi asks you for your email, instead of giving it to them, do this ONE NEAT TRICK

look at the name of the company trying to collect it (it will never be the restaurant or cafe, always some soulless data brokering tech firm) and type in "sales" or "hello"

give them a taste of their own medicine!!

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I just commissioned and worked with @starwall on a #solarpunk flag. These are a few iterations I enjoyed seeing the most. Please feel free to boost, download, and share across whatever you like.
If you'd like higher def versions, please contact me or starwall.
Shoutout to @socalledunitedstates for the base flag inspiration.

Wanna have a bit of fun watching people get all confused while revealing society's inherent patriarchal bias?

Refer to your sewing machine as a 'power tool.'

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i found it! the ethical consumption under capitalism!

I'm still 100% sold on a total reproductive strike for people my age and younger until we address climate destabilization. I can't be the only one with parents so ravenous for grandchildren that they would do just about anything.

"Dear Mom and Dad, I will never bring a child into a world that's facing total, global species collapse. Are you going to do something about it?" The options seem pretty clear at that point.

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eagerly looking forward to the true cyberpunk filesharing experience of trading microSD cards full of pop culture media with all the DRM removed behind the 7-11

150 million workers and workers in India are taking part in a two-day general strike, which is probably the biggest general strike in history.

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