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wait if coyotes are just twink wolves then they're also butch foxes???

my boss and i spent my exit interview making jokes about how shitty centrist Dems are and trying to set up a joint womxn's march/socialist meeting postering run. i'll never have a boss this good again

me in 2002: i suck at activism but i want to talk about our onrushing posthuman, postscarcity anarchosocialist future and how weird and awesome it'll be.
me in 2017: if we adopt spartan disaster communism right now, maybe we can escape mass dieoff and not slide into a dark age

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on my way down to the U District to sell papers and generally pitch people on socialist feminism. haven't done this in a little too long, wish me luck.

i am declaring this an AMA Thursday. i'm particularly interested in political questions but honestly whatever. TMI is on the table. reply or DM as you prefer.

happy new year. i can barely recognize my life from 12 or more properly 14 months ago, in ways both good and bad. 2017 was truly "the frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork". we all see what we're eating. let's change the menu.

You Don’t Have To Be Trans To Want To Overthrow Capitalism

But It Helps!

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my entry to 's Design a 1960 Fighter Jet contest, with accompanying text I wish i'd started this earlier, this is definitely a doodle rather than a finished work, but the perfect is indeed the enemy of the good and this was fun as hell to make.

"The study measures wisdom as the ability to be open-minded, intellectually humble and integrate different perspectives on the issue people reflect on. In comparing social classes and their associated wisdom, the study reveals that more affluent regions and individuals, as well as situations reflecting higher social standing are linked with diminished ability to reason wisely."

Well, fascism has always been a middle-class/bourgeoisie thing, after all...

All #J20 defendants were found not guilty! 🙌

why do i feel wonky as fuck, oh right because i missed my last two meals, gj