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did a doorknocking shift in the U District and met some cool union organizers & housing activists. we got tenants' rights bootcamps coming up, check it out Seattle folx!

i got off the bus on Aurora & a guy was getting cuffed. i openly start filming. 2 cop cars, 3 cops, and for 20min it looked like he'd get taken in. but they mysteriously released him?

and on the walk home i met some folks dogwalking and their adorable husky jumped on me! <3

a good day

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and the kitsch: on my way out of Goodwill i walked past this gem, did a doubletake, and had to snap a picture.

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i don't talk about it much but i'm still putting most of my free time into left organizing work.

every year Seattle SocAlt runs the "People's Budget" where we organize around winning more of the public goods that we direly need. this year we drew a big crowd. there's an upcoming vote on the budget that we need people to pack city hall for. if you can come out on a Wednesday morning, we might get some badly needed homeless services/affordable housing in this town.

see you there - come early!

the icy mist on the swamp says fall is really and truly here, and i hate it :>

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we got some probes! here you see a 60hz wave (from an AC wall wart) on one line, and microcontroller PWM output on another. you can't make it out here, but we could actually see the 8-bit duty cycle varying in realtime

shot with digizoom bc my phone was on a short leash to the charger

this would be so useful to the me that essentially stopped existing on 11/8/2016



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so, decades ago, my landlord seems to have had a job with Boeing designing radar jammers for B-52s or smth. i assume the neglected 1978 oscilloscope we found under our balcony was his, anyway.

last weekend, @rowanyote opened it up, cleaned out the dust and cobwebs, and plugged it in. it still works!




on international nonbinary day i seem to be headed to a queer/trans/poc focused electronic music festival to sell some buttons i designed to raise money for socialism

i'm hella on my personal brand.


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i work in a skyscraper, so i bought a pocket scope. the Terrible River offers many for around $20; and the one i bought is fine except that it arrived _reeking_ of solvents. i worry i am now complicit in some kid having leukemia
i didn't buy one of the scopes with the convenient camera adapters, but on its first use in the field, i couldn't resist mashing the scope against my phone. so here it is, the best photo of the Space Needle you'll see all day

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oh by the way i made this a few weeks back and my socialist comrades are selling t-shirts of it (white or dark pink on black, M/W sizes).

use the design as you like, just credit me if you modify it. and if you want a shirt DM me. they're $15 and all profits go to ending fucking capitalism



attn @anthracite
i found the xmas present you left in my phone case

good job, my loathing is tempered by respect. see you soon, on the battlefield of your choice <3<


my entry to hushkit.net 's Design a 1960 Fighter Jet contest, with accompanying text pastebin.com/XKfGtgnG I wish i'd started this earlier, this is definitely a doodle rather than a finished work, but the perfect is indeed the enemy of the good and this was fun as hell to make. mastodon.social/media/yhW160PN

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so tonight a thousand people took over Seattle City Hall for the night to demand Seattle police stop harassing, arresting and destroying the belongings of the homeless in my city. the budget is being written now and we showed up to zero out the line for this barbaric horseshit. and i was there with my comrades, many of whom will be camping overnight in solidarity. so fkn proud mastodon.social/media/mBdoLSY3


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