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@zebratron2084 fwiw, i strongly endorse Alba getting the lead role on this one

Critical thread on how the state spies, targets, and disseminates false propaganda against anarchists and left organizers but ignores the violence of armed right-wing orgs.

Friend made these. The middle question makes me want one that says “whose power structures are you maintaining?” #maintenance

Things they never teach you at Antifa School :antifa: 

1) Eat and drink plenty before an action, you will need the energy

2) You do not need to be on the frontline to help, bringing food and water with you to give comrades will go a long way

3) Seriously guys, keep eating and stay hydrated, it's important

while you were struggling with your own problems, i was mastering the struggle against my own problems, and now that the world is burning you come to ME expecting solidarity? yeah alright comrade you got it, we are in this together ✊ ❤️

The best way to cope with Climate Despair is to get politically active. The best way to cope with feeling helpless is to do something. Anything. Get together with other people and hash shit out

HIV prevention PSA (tldr you can get PrEP for FREE) 

if your reason for not being on PrEP (the pre-exposure prophylactic medicine that almost entirely prevents HIV from taking root in your body) is that it's too expensive, you should be aware that you are entitled to receive it 100% FREE OF COST to you via Gilead's "Advancing Access" program. Not only that, it's so easy to sign up I literally did it in line at the pharmacy when they told me I'd have to pay $3k for my script pickup.

There is no reason for you to pay ANY MONEY for PrEP.

Go sign up today:

i'm trying to give away a ton of _my_ electronics nonsense, i guess i can take yours and add it to my larger pile. :)

pol, police, friendly doggo, good end 

did a doorknocking shift in the U District and met some cool union organizers & housing activists. we got tenants' rights bootcamps coming up, check it out Seattle folx!

i got off the bus on Aurora & a guy was getting cuffed. i openly start filming. 2 cop cars, 3 cops, and for 20min it looked like he'd get taken in. but they mysteriously released him?

and on the walk home i met some folks dogwalking and their adorable husky jumped on me! <3

a good day

@zebratron2084 hey nerd, have y'all been to Guanaco's Pupuseria yet? i realize you don't have a ton of time to try it, but it really scratches that Lupita itch, their pupusas are good as hell and they have nopal. was just there with three commies and a couple labor organizers :) hope y'all are well <3<

hell is real and it’s full of centrists saying that this is as good as it’s gonna get

Self promotion, birdsite link 

I guess in honor of getting name-dropped by bestseller sci-fi author Charlie Jane Anders ( I've put my trans adventure novel Supervillainz back on my website for free:

The United Cults of America 

As I've grown older and more independent, it only becomes more clear to me that everything within the system of capitalism is a cult in one form or another. Every authoritarian regime in general is a cult, in one way or another.

A military recruitment office is no different from the church of scientology. Both exude nonimposing facades with bits of enticing propaganda. Strategically located in areas more likely to be populated with the destitute and disenfranchised who have been conditioned for years to believe that they have no real autonomy.

Only to have whatever is left of themselves completely stripped, reprogrammed and brainwashed to become a mean to someone else's agenda.

This isn't just the military, or a fringe cult like scientology.

Amazon is a cult. Both in the way of exploiting the destitute and disenfranchised for cheap labor, and enticing consumers to perpetuate the cycle by handing over their money. Because Jeff Bezos and the minister of a southern baptist church are no different. They always need money to further their fucked up agenda.

The most, and seemingly only jobs available, are service jobs. Recruiting the destitute and disenfranchised and forcing them to dedicate 80% of their waking life to stocking shelves and putting up with abuse from higher ranking individuals or "customers" from a better-paying cult that they in turn are endentured to.

Everywhere I look, I see cults.

Cults, cults, cults.

A sensory overload of total cultception.

The United Cults of America.

You have to defeat capitalism’s final boss:

Half a million upper middleclass white people who earnestly believe they’ll be billionaires one day

LB: the last couple years doing socialist activism have taught me that union rank & files are pretty great, but that the union _leaders_ aren't so hot. a lotta these bureaucrats have class snuggled up to the Democratic party in a toxic fog of cynicism & desperation.

the teachers' strikes, mostly organized and waged by rank & file, illustrate this problem. there are fighting union leaders out there - just not nearly enough. but sooner or later, new leaders will be found among the ranks :)

Quoting this because it's especially illustrative:

"Some unions supported the deal, and even those who had been opposed appeared willing to work with Amazon if the company agreed to not actively work against the unionization of their employees in New York.

An Amazon representative, during one City Council hearing, pointedly said the company would not agree to such terms."

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faving this, but with a lurking sense of having rewarded bad behavior as i do so

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