Wil Wheaton's experience on Mastodon is brutal. Isn't Mastodon supposed to be a "good place"? Aren't the community rules supposed to make it so people with good intentions can have a good time?

If it's taken just weeks for someone with a large following to have the exact same experience as they did on Twitter, maybe Mastodon isn't the silver bullet for online abuse some hoped it would be.


I still like it here, but I even feel like my affinity for the platform is waning. I'm still checking in a couple times a day and I still like the people I talk to here, but stories like Wil's puts the "Mastodon magic" in sharp clarity for me: people will be terrible on any platform. When the solution to Wheaton's "I'm being harassed constantly" problem was to suspend his account...I just don't know 😐


@birchtree Totally agree. You said it far better than I managed on another toot. Innocent until proven guilt still has a place in the society that I want to be part of, whether that is a real life society or a digital one.

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