Anyway, confirmed badger and unconfirmed cat/food/hole/birb/rodent drama seems over for now. Back to mapfiddling.

I seem to be unprepared for urban badger encounters really.

Whatever is making the noise has gone all shy. Probably not going to be able to get photos, and I *definitely* do not want a badger bite.

At least I *think* it was only a badger - they make loud cat-like yawps for minutes, animal fediverse? No evidence of a fight or any cat.

Just surprised a noisy badger rooting through the bushes at the front of my flat. 🔦😮

My new favorite picture theme is "cats trying to summon beings from a horrifying realm"

@Gargron When reading a long CWed thread in the web interface, a “show all” button near the top might be helpful. It could save folks a lot of time, and reduce a lot of need for clicking to tapping. Not everyone finds applying fine motor control fun or easy!

On blanket revealing and consent: one might consider that a user has consented to view after reading the thread starter post. Further, if the CN warning text changes further down a thread, further consent should probably be sought for that

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Turns out there is no "arm in a rubber glove" emoji, for which I'm deeply grateful.

Currently treating my servers like cattle not pets, but with varying degrees of success.

Good morning all! The plumbingery saga continues. I am thankful for VPN.

Is it just me that constantly mishears “eduroam” as “edgyroam”?🤘

Everybody puttering about in the street this morning is wearing shorts. What do they all know that I don't?

just woke up and saw a nazi get banned in real time. god bless this website.

Back to drooling over cargo bikes I'll never be able to find storage for. The 8-freight I fondled yesterday was astonishingly light, considering, but it's just sooo long.

Having to book a plumber right at the time of year when nobody's available 🚰👿

So this "on demand webinar" appears to be... a video with a pile of mandatory tracker junk that I certainly can't be bothered to watch now. Neat.

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