Every Mickey Mouse 3d object found online, combined into one blasphemous copyright idol by sculptor Matthew Plummer Fernandez. plummerfernandez.com/Every-Mic

♫ I’ve got fur in my kettle
and a film on my tea,
I’m living in a hard water town… ♫

Achievement unlocked: immersion heater repair! 🚿🌡️

White women bolster white supremacy.

White women are the ones calling the cops on Black people.

White women will betray women solidarity just to be racist.

Let’s not forget who is the overwhelming majority when it comes to driving white supremacy.

Chainsaw boots: a lot less futuristic wasteland death-matchy than I imagined.

If you’re doing the hateful thing ironically, you’re

😧 still.

🤦‍ doing.

🙄 it.

As well as being a thoughtless shitposting pillock looking to get themselves muted😶

I can't be the only one calling their regexes “swearwords”, can I? /(?!thatsh~)/

Aha! My first removable core Presta valve, at least that I've noticed. For tyre sealant injection, apparently.

Is it normal for the insides of a Presta valve to be unscrewable?

therottenappl.es, but for not accidentally following public figures who turn out to be massive misogynists, transphobes, racists or other kinds of awfulbad

Been too lazy to wash up at work this week, so there's a growing collection of cutlery on my desk rn. Trying to pass it off as “it’s a Sheffield thing, you wouldn’t understand” to coworkers probably isn't going to work out.

Vote early, and vote often! For Rosalind Franklin or Ada Lovelace on a £50 that is. Or your favourite two-fisted science hero that's not pale, male, and stale (they do have to be dead though) twitter.com/bankofengland/stat

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