Sorry we haven't been active on Mastodon. We have turned off our cross-poster due to being warned not to use it. Our Aclevo Social attempts have also failed. We will look into being more active soon. Thanks for understanding!

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Thinking about making a new Fediverse app (an alternative to Mastodon/Pleroma) using PHP and Laravel. Who would be interested in this, and possibly want to volunteer?

Hey! Have you seen our latest review of MapleStory 2 yet? You should check it out! (fixed OpenGraph tags)

Wondering about the latest website update and the return of Aclevo Live? We got you!

The website is currently experiencing downtime. We apologize for the inconvenience.

NOTICE: The website will be down for at least a few minutes while we finalize all of the current website changes!

The new Aclevo website is here with a blog, static pages, and more! We will also be making some announcements soon on our blog. Stay tuned!

The final episode of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is here. Watch it here:

What's that? Another episode of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes? That's right! We are releasing the final lost episode of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern! Stay tuned!

That's right. The episode you've all been waiting for are here. Please enjoy Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Episode 3!

What's that? There's an extra video coming out today? I wonder what it's about...

Here's a for our latest Video... Hmm, I would what it could be.

Hey peeps: What is your favorite type of pie?

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! Hope you are enjoying the fireworks!

Hey. Are you participating in the Steam Grand Prix? Be sure to vote Hare and help us win the race for cool surprises! We appreciate it!

Hey Everyone. It's Summer and we're all celebrating! We have tons of surprises in store we can't talk about yet. But for now, we have to go, because there's a special party waiting! Commence the Summer Celebrations!

Ever wondered why Modded Minecraft is the best Gaming Experience? Be sure to look out for our upcoming blog post by Logan, coming soon!

Ever wondered what it would be like to uninstall Pacman from ? Read more about how we tried it ourselves:

Happy everyone. There will be no blog post today, but we have some cool content waiting for you tomorrow! Take Care and Enjoy The Holiday!

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