@flowinity is now on Mastodon. Be sure to follow them for updates on their web hosting!

As many people requested, we have reopened the Treehouse Discord to the public for everyone to use.

If you want to join Treehouse and see what it's like for yourself, you can join here:

Our website is now back up. We thank you for your patience! You can check out our website at this link:


Due to the process of moving to a cPanel, the website will temporarily be down on Friday.

The countdown can be watched here: tickcounter.com/countdown/9430

Our website is now up on our new webhosting provider, Flowinity. Learn more about them here: flowinity.com

We have just switched pointed our website to our new hosting provider. Please expect downtime for at least an hour or so.

As part of our work to ensure the Aclevo Website will always be available, we are planning on changing web hosts. Therefore, there may be some more downtime as we move everything over. We appreciate your patience as we make Aclevo better.

The website should not be having anymore issues as of now. If you continue to encounter issues, please DM us with information about the issue and we will look into it.

UPDATE: MySQL had apparently crashed. We have rebooted it and the website should be fine now. It apparently ran out of memory for some reason.

We're apparently having issues with the website again, as the database could not be found. We're going to look into this and we'll update you about our findings.

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Happy New Years everybody. Let's have a good 2019 together!

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FUN FACT: This is one of the reasons why we're leaving Twitter to support Mastodon.


We are currently experimenting with putting ads on our website in order to help fund Aclevo's Services. Please let us know what you think about this and what we should change to make your experience better.

This is an important announcement regarding the future of our social media platforms. Please read it as soon as you can: aclevo.xyz/blog/post/discontin

Early Christmas Present: We now classify as a Arts & Literature Club rather than a Content Creation Group, to focus on our new goals for 2019!

This is not a joke. We decided to change nodes because we found that this node is more centered toward what we are looking for as a community. Thanks for having us!


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