Let's welcome @keybase to the Mastodon Community! Thanks for joining us all!

Hey peepz. Mind if we delay a video or two so we can focus on something special?

Reasonably Selenium Plays @PlayChoices@twitter.com: High School Story -- Episode/Chapter 1 youtu.be/zMCGl6SVD2s via @YouTube@twitter.com

Check out our latest video: Reasonably Selenium Plays Portal -- Episode 1 (Commentary) youtu.be/o6-W6FSujtg via @YouTube@twitter.com

Interested in volunteering or contributing to Aclevo? We'd love to hear your feedback and accept your contributions! Please DM us for more information about how you can help make our community a great place! 👍

Pay no attention to this tweet -- we are currently testing a new tweet delivery system. @dottanarus@twitter.com

A new Code Of Conduct has been made by the Aclevo Board and published for everyone to see under our new Corporate Website: corp.aclevo.xyz/policy/code-of

Happy Saint Radon Day everyone! Enjoy your day today! 👍

St. Radon Day is coming up soon! RT/FAV if you are excited for this day!

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Daily Blog Posts will be suspended for the time being due to burnout and no increase in traffic in Analytics. We will instead be investing our time in other projects. Thanks for understanding!

Here's a secret code: 0x75f08b29839e50373F845d9543E0E6e4a1101880 Try to guess what it means or what it's used for.

What do you prefer for our website? Just the blog (Ghost), Website with a blog (like OctoberCMS), or Blog on a Subdomain (blog.aclevo.xyz)?

Now that our new website has been up for some time, which one do you prefer:

While you wait for a new post, why not read up on the latest news about 's Terms Of Service Updates on "Cub Content", found here: aclevo.xyz/discord-terms-of-se

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