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How is our website/blog currently? Should we change it? Should we consider adopting a business website and add services, projects, and departments as well as a blog?

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In just two hours, we will be revealing a surprise! Stay tuned!

We thank you all for participating in the 10th Year Anniversary Special! Hope you enjoyed the pictures that were submitted to Twitter and Mastodon, and we wish Minecraft a happy 10th birthday! Cheers!

Finally, we end with a picture of a tree that was built by FatCat02 and his brother. He also built the castle in our earlier photos.

Another picture not on an Aclevo Server showing a coastal village made out of wood.

A rare image of an unreleased video exploring a server StevenJam played on.

The Front View of the Castle that was shown earlier, shown at a nice angle.

An aerial view of the village shows a roller coaster that was going to be shown in a video but was later cancelled due to technical problems.

In this picture, ex-Aclevo Members (and Partners) DynamicWarfare and StevenJam pose in the village.

Here is a picture of one of the houses we brought over from another Minecraft Server to the old Aclevo one we had.

This is a picture demonstrating the proposed mall that was going to be part of the old Minecraft Server.

Of course, that isn't all of the Minecraft fun we'll be publishing to Twitter and Mastodon. Be sure to tune in every hour to see some cool memories of the fun times we've had!

As part of the Minecraft 10th Anniversary Special, we start with some memorable pictures of the Selenium Hotel, featured on one of Aclevo's old Minecraft Servers.

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