okies i am now @smartkittymomo@kirakiratter , please follow me there~

man i dont wanna lose my followers but like all of my anitwitter friends are on kkt and my tech friends on icosahedron

that being said holy shit i thought zemichi would have grown up by now but i guess i thought to highly of them w

hello friends if you really want the loli content and are angry w/ the actions of your isntance's admin, just move to another instance?

like iunno why people on unrealted instances are bashing the actions of instance admins that are trying to not go to jail for hosting content that is illegal in their country

Remember you are mortal
Remember you will die
Remember your death

obv incredibly unwieldly, just wanna see posts w/ a footer saying "banned in 42 countries"

idea: list countries in which you content is banned, and i will not show up on those instances w

tho it's blocked for good reason, wasn't aware europe was so strict on that stuff and that masto generated thumbnails on each instance for media in its federated timeline

i now understand why pawoo is blocked, rip the good (questionable) content

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