Hello friends, I have decided to abandon this account - you can now find me here: @mooncube

The reason is that I no longer feel comfortable with this alias and its ableistic nuances, as discussed here: mastodon.social/@acrazymind/10

It was a tough call because I lose all my followers and posts, but its worth it. Follow my new acc if you want to see more of my work, and please boost for visibility if you can. Thank you, love you all. ❤️

@acrazymind @mooncube Not an easy choice to make. I commend your thoughtfulness. Best wishes for a fresh start!

@Cheeseness Thank you, I appreciate your support a lot! 🤗

@acrazymind @mooncube@mastodon.art Apparently Awoo doesn't have mastodon.art whitelisted or something? I can't quite follow you.

@Leucrotta Oh no, that sucks! 😯
Can you try to access/follow other .art accounts, such as @Curator to see if it's just my account?

Do you know who the admin of Awoo is to contact about this?

@Leucrotta I followed you from the new acc, maybe following back works.. 🤷

@acrazymind @mooncube You can export your follows and reimport them in the new account, that way they'll get the notification that you moved.

The follower list can also be exported but you need other kind of magic to get in touch with all of them.

@ekaitz_zarraga @acrazymind @mooncube there's a tool for DM'ing every follower about the move, but for the life of me I can't remember it's name now.

@qwazix @ekaitz_zarraga @acrazymind

Wow that sounds very powerful, I didn't know! Thanks for the input, I'll see if I can find anything.

@qwazix @ekaitz_zarraga @acrazymind Oh crap, THAT'S AMAZING! Thank you so much, you're my hero of the week. 😍

@ekaitz_zarraga @acrazymind Thank you, yes I did exported my follows and reimported them for my new account - I'm so thankful for that feature tbh, it would be very annoying having to go through the list looking for each person individually from all over the fediverse.

I don't see an option to export followers though, are you sure that's a thing?

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