I ordered a newfangled “tab-lette,” hellooooo twentieth century

*waking, curled up in a harvest mouse nest, swaddled in thistle down* good morning everyone

Tired: Gender reveal parties
Wired: Gender repeal parties

Follow Friday my D&D group

Me: Half-Selkie Nixie

@jk : Tiefling Glint

@mattherron : Ice Dragon Rhonan

@Atenderwitch : Tiefling Eden

@actualgarbage : DM extraordinaire

🎶 sure, these leftovers may be very old, but I’m a gamblin’ man and it’s time to roll them bones 🎶

I didn’t get to finish all the chores around the house, my roommate’s parents showed up so now I have to hide in my room

Sorry! But it's that time again, podcast fans(?)

We were delirious with lack of sleep on this one, we laughed a lot, and I'm SO SORRY I brought up that horrible Spider-Man jizz story


(Thread) I’m trying to buy a piece of art equipment before it goes off sale so who’s looking to buy some original artwork? Everything under $100.

This piece is $70 + shipping and measures 11x17”

my mom sent me a screenshot of the gift she wants, I asked her to send me the link and she told me she doesn’t know how

I had two entire beers tonight, can’t wait to feel like I crawled out of the grave tomorrow

I always exercise hardcore for like three months and then stop abruptly for nine months, repeat

I don’t know how to decide which instance I should be a part of, they all seem bad in their own special way

Truth Coming Out Of Her Well To Shame Mankind

Gonna take a shower and put on clean clothes and feel good about myself, as a bit

you watch ONE mr. bean video, and suddenly that’s all the internet recommends

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