you know what they say about the game for thrones: you win some, you die some

I logged myself out of Facebook and I keep going to check it and being mad at myself

I drank some tequila and cleaned my entire apartment, hello Tuesday

what we do in the shadows is the only good show, turns out

Edgar Allan Poe: this story's about a guy with a tortured soul

EAP's friend: again, huh

Poe: he thinks he sees a harbinger of evil, a demon sent to curse him for his wickedness!

EAP's friend: it real

Poe: turns out it's a shadow or a stray dog or like, a spooky looking hat

EAP's friend: does it drive him ma--

Poe: it drives him mad

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i love the sonic the hedgehog naming convention:

Sonic: named in honor of his speed
Eggman: named after his round, egg-like body
Knuckles: named after his large notable knuckles
Amy: Amy is a girl's name (Amy is a Girl)

all tuckered out from a long hard day of oppressing the white gamers

The sprite icon is making me lose my god damn mind idk why it’s so funny

today was exhausting, if this were Harvest Moon 64, I would have gone through all my β€œtired” animations, and then I would get sick tomorrow and not be able to feed my chickens

my internet totally fuckin’ sucks, and it’s such an injustice that I have to do something about it

why can’t life be like Harvest Moon 64, where I put garbage in a box and then it turns into money, also Karen marries me

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