Shining up a potato on my shirt and taking a nice big bite

I thought I left a candle burning (I didn't) when I was on the train, I rushed home to confirm, and now I'm in an Uber hoping I won't be late

When I die, it's going to be because I took a picture of the 69 school bus while driving, 100% my fault

I wonder how much better Amnesty would be if Travis wasn’t there

pokemon spoilers 

Look at this beautiful fan art for my dumb podcast


@actualgarbage @Louisa @jk Now that Creepypodsta is over, it's finally time for everyone's favorite podcast, Someone's PC: Johto

I didn’t do enough grading, I’m already behind and the school year started, like, yesterday

I have such a hunger for winter, I’m sick of being coated in a sheen of sweat from brief, mild-to-moderate exercise

mild violence 

β€œIt: Chapter Two” spoilers 

β€œIt: Chapter Two” spoilers 

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