In other news, looks like my kiddo is winning the argument on what our new dog is going to be called. “Flying Dan.” Please help me see any way that this is a good choice.

@actualham just tell your child that your house is haunted by a flying dan, and if there are two of them, the new one has to leave.

@actualham It will be shortened to Dan very quickly. And Dan is a fine name for a dog.

@Downes @actualham or Fly! I think dog names are always good when they can be shouted across a field. May even turn into FD

as long as the dog likes the people calling the name, it will be a good name :)

@actualham I know this is an old toot, but SOMEBODY has to be on the record with this: I actually love the name "Flying Dan." Sounds like a Dan who can Fly, which is awesome, QED. Almost as cool of a name as Actual Ham.

@PeteForsyth dog arrives tomorrow and name is not finalized so your foot vote counts!

@PeteForsyth Ha ha- just saw that I wrote foot instead of toot. But it’s probably just because toot is so stupid I want to stick my head in a sand dune every time I use the term.

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