Thinking of leaving FB and it's giving me hives. Which is probably a good reason to REALLY CONSIDER LEAVING FB. Ugh.

@actualham It's ok out here. There are many of us, we all do fine.

@katebowles @actualham

I think you'll be okay too Robin - I have thought about it as well, but am not brave enough yet.

Speaking of, we had guests over the holidays and my whole SM life really got derailed. I guess because we have so few peeps locally that we hang with SM is often our way to socialize.

Anywho, its great to be back on and see peeps here again. Happy holidays Kate :) and you too Actual ;)

@daniellynds @katebowles @actualham social media tends to get derailed when guests are around to talk to, and doubly so when those guests are family, and triply so when those guests are parents

guess who's been at my house this past week

@ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham I find it really interesting to see my family members' SM habits in the flesh. Even though not truly their everyday habits (derailed).

@sundilu @ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds Watching my parents online makes me want to live in the woods with just a hatchet and a fur cloak.

@actualham @katebowles @daniellynds @sundilu My parents have no online presence beyond email. I thought my father was giving Twitter some thought for a moment, because my uncle and cousins are more active online - but he never thought that hard about it.

He's probably better off, to be honest.

@ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham When I say SM habits I should clarify. They are basically FB habits with a touch of Instagram.


@sundilu @ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds Apropos of all of this, my Nana was amazed by online shopping when I told her about it. Turns out she thought whatever you ordered would get funneled through the computer cables directly onto your desk. WHICH WOULD BE COOL, YO.

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