One of my favorite shots from the event in Paris.

@fgraver I’m done with them forever!!!! Hoping to get to Paris by tomorrow, a day later than planned.

Well, flight to Paris was cancelled. Hours before takeoff. No explanation. They gave back my money. Seriously, air travel is ridiculous. Just shocking. I rebooked for tomorrow at huge extra cost. I wonder what travelers are doing who don’t have the ability to pay this much more? Especially those who have been left stranded and can’t get home to France? Norwegian Air. Just wow.

I am headed to Paris today. Through the course of one year, I’ll have been on three continents and in six countries. I didn’t have the chance to travel much at all when I was growing up, and I think being lucky enough to see the world through this work I’m doing now has made me such a better human and teacher. I feel blessed every minute.

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@clhendricksbc google “Deyrolle Paris.” It’s amazing from what my daughter tells me. Your son must see it!

@clhendricksbc @lauraritchie Karen Cangialosi and I will hit Musee d’Orsay. I don’t know what else, but that museum and a famous taxidermy shop are on my must do list. Other than that, wine, bread, cheese, walking in the cold rain...

@clhendricksbc hang out with me and pretend we are sophisticated?!?! Yay!!!

@clintlalonde that is fascinating!! I am really interested in phone and mail and internet and communication infrastructure in general, but I really just barely scratched the surface. I know the more I’d scratch, the deeper it would all go. That Ed connection is truly fascinating...

Here’s my keynote address for the “Making Knowledge Public” colloquium at Simon Fraser University last night. It focuses on the future of the public missions of universities.

@lauraritchie @tdorey @dadegroot @bryanalexander @jgmac1106 @sleslie I joined social very early on. Now I don’t understand how I get over to scholar to see/participate? New account? It’s hard to get my head around instances even though you all have been schooling me for a year about it.

Yes, many start on and then find an instance more reflective of their community. Importing and exporting users gets to be a pain.

But you can make your own Domain your Fediverse instance with a bit of work.

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