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I’m skeptical of the move to self-driving cars because of increased privacy invasion & remapping socio-geographic relationships around the needs of machines. On the other hand, was someone whose vision is declining and sees her driving days numbered—and I live in a rural area with no public transpo—the day can’t come soon enough. Wonder what more human-centered alternatives look like, or how this could be done in a way that centers the needs of vulnerable communities over the needs of machines.

What makes #Mastodon so exciting is it’s not a single commercial service run by a corporation—it’s simply open source software using open protocols that anyone can install on their own server. Just like email isn’t owned by any one company, federated social networks allow online messaging and following/follower relationships using the beauty and power of the open web.

I talk about all this and much more in the Mastodon special of the my podcast! Listen here:

Wrote 19 pretty smart pages today. Probably been since grad school that I did something like that all in one day. I’m exhausted and unshowered and I spooned chickpeas into my mouth directly from a can to avoid breaking for a proper lunch and it feels...AMAZING. I honestly didn’t know if I had it in me when I woke up this morning. But you know what? I did!

Mastodon isn’t perfect but it’s some kind of evidence of human willingness to try to patch things up, at scale.

That’s not nothing.

Since I like it on Mastodon, here's a list of links I like to pass around to potential new users. 

I have to write 30 pages on a deadline today. It’s cool and foggy and drizzling, which feels like a gift from the universe!

As we move into a module on it is important to recognize those who have helped the movement. For today's you need to make an leader playing card. Here is an example

You don't need to touch the code beyond putting a link your picture (hint it goes in the CSS change the colors while there if you want).

Our family recently took a month-long trip to northern Spain (with stops in France and England). I'm so grateful for the time we had together, and for the hospitality we enjoyed along the way. Read about our trip here:

A beautiful morning at a monastery in Spain, out in the middle of burning hot mesas and parched vineyards, an oasis of waterfalls and cascading pools and caverns to climb around in.

Idle question for the fediverse and the homies:

are there any journals or scholars looking at the intersections between disability justice, carceral studies, and policing? Anything that looks at the prison industrial complex through the lens of disability? Or vice versa?

Tomorrow, after the hardest year yet at my institution (I've been here 18 years!), I start sabbatical and head with my family to Spain: north coast, wine country, and Pyrenees. We'll cross into France, and visit London on the way home. I've packed a backpack full of books about nature/solitude/aging; my kid and my guy have their sketchbooks. We're going because I felt like I had to leave the country to escape. But I finally realize I'm headed *toward* something. I couldn't be more grateful.

A luminous young student of mine died of a brain tumor this afternoon. She changed her major from Nursing to Patient Advocacy once she realized that her cancer would prevent her from reliably dispensing meds. As she crafted her new program, she taught me everything about how we must rethink education so it can better serve real students. She was honestly the brightest light I’ve ever taught. Hoping to do right by her and what she taught me.

Huge bear picked up our garbage can and walked away with it. I shouted obscenities out of the bedroom window at him. He’s feasting somewhere out in the dark woods. Tomorrow I hope I find the can but not the bear.

I am delighted to share the result of @actualham and my latest collaboration: The Open Pedagogy Notebook, a space where educators can browse diverse examples of in practice as well as share their own practices & ideas. Visit: Special thanks to Steel Wagstaff for designing the site and to Amanda Coolidge and @karencang for contributing to our initial set of examples.

Took a day-long bus trip the other day, which always makes me think about my favorite bus-trip movie, "Smoke Signals," based on one of my favorite Alexie books. As I was riding, had a Twitter chat with a friend about "Call Me By Your Name," and the way it moved me and disturbed her. So many things I love-- that Alexie book and CMBY for example-- are complicated by ugly and cruel things. And I guess vice versa, too. Social media is tough for allowing the nuance and the clarity about all of that.

One thing I earnestly love about working *all* the time is that when I do have a rare hour to spend in true leisure activity (like not just sacked out in exhaustion), everything feels so vibrant and restorative and the gratitude just absolutely swells up. While I try to restore some balance over my upcoming sabbatical, I'd also like to hold onto that appreciation, that euphoria that comes with really feeling the value of freedom.

I just got called back by an HR department from a job that rejected me a month ago to basically be told that I still didn't get the job. I am sure today is going to be a terrific day, folks!

i wrote a blog post about what mastodon is. i know that it's a tired genre, but i think that i did a good job of explaining it in an easy-to-approach way. please read and share!

What’s worse? The pain of a migraine or the sick feeling that comes along with it? I’m going back and forth on this today. Blech.

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