If you complain about the disruption from strikes then you can just fucking go back to working fourteen hours a day with no weekends or safety laws because that's where you'd be without them.

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@actuallyalice last time the train workers were on strike here (France), many people were mad that they were "held hostage" by the strike, preventing them from going away for their paid holidays.

I mean, how do they not realize they wouldn't even **have** holidays at all without past strikes? 🙄

(Also, maybe don't compare an annoyance with a hostage situation? 😡)



Imagine the level of a mind that considers social activism to be noble.

@mathieu @actuallyalice Actually, that hostage world is from some media, never heard about that one in the street or at a train station.

@Tr4sK I hear it all the time, from family members, neighbours, … 🙁

@mathieu well, I guess my family sticking to euronews help :)

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