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amazing song that sounds like its from Kill Bill kicks in at 4:14

all the sites say that waxing playing cards is a trade secret, biut really i think they just dip cardstock in wax or something

@gaditb tangent. i like to play war, where you go to war if the cards are the same OR within 1 of each other. makes it a lot quicker and more fun

@gaditb I guess what i kern from this is that "classic" games actually each have a unique mode of play...maybe thats what makes them classic. like trivial pursuit is not connect 4 lol

okay i realizes that my game is good, and you can work on projects with your team, or fix bugs, but i need to implement a second half: office politics

@gaditb i guess im a little bit hardcore :p

@gaditb @nightpool i had upwords as a kid. pretty much scrabble, but you can go over other peoples words cause the pieces stack. as a kid i loved it cause it was like "this is how I want to play scrabble"

@gaditb sidenote, Shotagonist asked to be untagged here

@gaditb okay, so im a programmer/hacker and i think that would be an interesting framing to argue in. like... given that you can't use linux BSD etc, what would you do? idk thats just me...

@Shotagonist yea. sorry about that. thank you for all your input :)

@gaditb @nightpool @Shotagonist thats exactly what i wanted a lot of back and forth :)

@gaditb @nightpool @Shotagonist Monopoly, Clue, Candyland, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, Chess, Checkers, Go Fish, connect 4. thats ten. so if you know one more we are in good water

@nightpool @Shotagonist and i do agree that indie doesnt necessarily mean hardcore,

@nightpool @Shotagonist like when i say, i want to play monopoly someone doesnt say "what is that? a game?" they say "I want to be banker!"

something that has permeated into regular culture, so you know exactly what i mean.

@nightpool @Shotagonist well known games is my criteria, cause im not an expert or a boardgamer. i know know the "classics" like @gaditb said, stuff that most likely very old

@gaditb @nightpool @Shotagonist maybe Clue is a good example cause you can just wander around and still make progress (younger people can still play it) or you can strategically go to rooms, eliminate weapons, as an advanced player)? but even Clue feels like there is an upper limit on complexity

@nightpool @Shotagonist id say all of there are hardcore cause ive never heard of any of them and you are linking to boardgamegeek lol

@joshgaudreau thanks. this is like perfect. i found the rulebook of Terraforming Mars and its short and well laid out. probably going to rip off that format, which is nearly identical to the one you gave lol

Are there any board games that allow for duration variants? like heres a way to play to 5 points, here is a way to play towards 10