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Shaming people for playing and trophy-ing tiny indies is like shaming for reading essays while there are 20-volumed fantasy series out there on shelves... There are other values beside length.

Repentless 2 coming on October, 3 for EU.
New characters, harder survival, less blood.

Crunching and finishing "Repentless 2" currently.

🌀The Button Be Unexpected is scheduled for 9/9
🌾The Button Be Fields is scheduled for 13/9
Both are Editions. That means, they should appear at the vanilla Button Be storepage: just like it was with Round Invaders Red or Don't Fall:aleph.

💚Round Invaders Rush (not 2nd) comes out for Asia with some very minor expansions to the product (aliens are expansive..)
🔵The Button Be will soon have a bit more complex Edition, and the 2nd is in works. More gradually growing Editions will come,with new locations&quirks.

Round Invaders Rush 2 is out.
🧪Mash that D-pad! Your clicking speed -> prince's speed.
🧪Steps cost you Points, so don't mess around!
🌀 Only hunt for Energy when you need it. Use it up in a pinch.
🍨Cherry cones are nimble...
🍦Keep y'head cool!

Dictatorship in America! Oh wait, it's just a game yet. "Repentless" released in NA and EU in one day:
🔼People discovered a minor bug, heals by restarting
🔼Part 2 will be cheaper, consider it as crowdfunding good future. It's due to the heavy topic and all the trph implementation. Nightmare.
🔼Turns out it was released on Ukraine's national holiday. Pure coincidence, but pleasant to know.
🔼 Multiple references to find...

People keep discussing "Press X" and 's changes...There's a whole lot of possibilities to lead it into a win-win situation."Hypercasual" genre in Store, or a few different publishing tactics.

Repentless (24/08) will have you press🔼and actually read tho.

Wishlist "The Button Be" now

Surprisingly, it will have 2 EU releases, because it was fine-tuned to some countries. Pleasant surprises is what this tiny game is all about!

Actually meaning surprises, not "surprises for sale wink wink". It's not a large game, but consider this release as a Kickstarter for the bigger box of vibes, secrets and blue skies.

Just when I started the production of that old giraffe-themed gamedesign I had, they had to publish The Giraffe G. Euh.

"on Sunday" out for Asian region.
Looking at this "English version" label I wonder if translating the game to Korean or Simplified Chinese is a good idea...

📝 "Repentless" is in the finishing processes and might release at the middle/end August
📝 Trying to figure out capturing the movement of gamepad sticks, without ruining Don't Fall's state machine
📝Started production of the "something new" everyone voted for. Video related:

(not Rush) are being taken down at its former publisher's. That's because they'll reappear as mine, with some additions too! EU around August 9, others at the end of August. The price will stay.
Oh, and a surprise release together with them, hope it works out.

You can now wishlist "Repentless", a short textual quest with UI about dictatorship. The age rating is higher than my usual.

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