I am excited (and nervous) to announce the first Ada's Twitch Tech talks.

It's at 6.30pm BST (1.30pm EST, 10:30am PT) on Wednesday 6th June.

The topic, as chosen by twitter poll, is 🥁🥁🥁 Isomorphic Rendering with HyperHTML. 🌟✨

My intention is to take advantage of the medium and answer questions as they occur whilst live coding to show how to set it all up.

So come along chat about Web Stuff, let's have fun and maybe learn something new. 😀

Btw please RT, if there is no one there to speak to the whole concept falls a bit flat. :D

@ada With such an awesome surname it's bound to be a success1 😃

@ada Yey!

Would it be possible to provide a link or similar, that can show several timezones, in the future?

@maloki nice idea! How to I make a link? I couldn't see a way to input a time on that page.

@ada hmm. Maybe I'm thinking of a different site.

@maloki @ada It took me a while, but I got there:
(just an example, but there's a link to create event at the bottom)

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