Just found out that today Tumblr deleted a many NSFW fan art blogs!!

A bunch of my fave creators have had their whole blog deleted! Along with their art and communities with no warning!!

What the hell is this?!

Just took a scroll through my likes/reblogs and all the porn now links back to deleted accounts!!


Apparently it's because Apple deleted the iOS app because of the porn on Tumblr. Fuck Apple, fuck native apps, fuck Tumblr for deciding an app store was more important than moving to the web platform.


Tumblr should have pulled an FT and took the iOS app down and pushed a Progressive Web App instead.

@ada Just one example of how people's technological choices (or rather surrendering thereof to #Apple) directly influences which content others have available, what platforms can they use, how they can earn their livelihood etc.

The Tumblr App itself has always been a bit of a shitshow - a webapp would've been a huge improvement.

@kirch I sue the Web App everyday instead of the native app it works really well.

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