I'm saddened by the news about Edge moving to chromium. It's a death knell for the web.

Part of the Web's strength comes from it's diversity of platforms. When there is only one way to access the web, controlled by a single interest, as far as I am concerned the web is over.


It's no longer possible to build a browser engine from scratch. Each time an engine goes extinct it's a monumental loss.

All I can hope is that Microsoft open sources EdgeHTML so that someone else is able to continue the work.

The Web won't last forever but if we fight for a healthy web ecosystem we can make it last just a little bit longer.

@ada @alcinnz has something to say about this haha
(he's making an engine...)

@alcinnz @ada Rust, huh?

I have to learn it.

But I started learning Lua and some others and... ugh... I can't deal with all this shit.

@ada Or harvest the good parts of it. Good things usually contain other good things inside!

@ada this to me is the web's weakest link. The fact you can't reasonably create a browser from scratch will be the web's downfall. We'll all be forced into one engine that is controlled by a company that doesn't have our best interests at heart.

We should probably take what we learned in the last 3 decades and write simpler, safer, more expressive languages and protocols that can actually be implemented by a handful of people.

@teleclimber @ada @toni And now HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 are doing the rest of making sure the web is not universally accessible.

@js @ada @toni I haven't started learning http2 and even less 3. He should try do this?

@teleclimber @ada @toni The complexity just exploded to the point that there are just a handful of implementations rather than being an universal standard.

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