Just realised: with the purging of adult content based on US moral standards, corporations controlling huge swathes of user content and the decline of the number of browser engines.

The WWW is becoming AOL.

@ada @amydentata I typically compare it to prodigy and compuserve as well.

Corporate walled gardens.

@ada this really disturbs me because it shows apple has enough power to completely destroy a community through self-censorship alone

like, this could just keep happening. this may have been a way to just test the waters. because its blatantly obvious tumblr does what it can to block CP and would never, ever allow it.
@desvox @ada i don't think the fediverse can properly STOPPED from being horny; thats simply not possible on a technical level, so expect apple to just...remove the mastodon API implementing applications at some point.

@ada one major browser, shitty apps, everyone wrapping that major browser to make shitty apps, walled gardens everywhere :(

@ada the latter is proportional to the evolution of the web, which is a forced march of progress for the sake of progress.

by requiring any actor to have a large workforce, they're restricting the web browser market to companies. effectively, capitalism is taking over the free web.

@ada US company enforces US morals, and everyone is surprised.

Host your own data, or be prepared to have others exercise their morals over your data.

@ada that the web is becoming AOL has been obvious since facebook pages, vanity tlds, google as address bar, and a host of other tidbits that remove anything that looks like a system in favor of an oracle.

Just like AOL people are CHOOSING FB, Twitter and the few others.
Mostly out of ignorance, but, as I have discovered time and again, it is most often a willful sort of ignorance born out of the desire for convenience and a bizarre willingness to trust soulless corporations. IOW: No one listens.

And the bad thing is that many people like being AOLed or did not see the issue at all, that makes me sad.

@ada It's been happeneing ever since Apple got everyone on-board with the whole "walled garden" model

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