Is there a better term for "the real world" than "meatspace"?

"The real world" implies that our digital augmentations of it and the friends we make there are not "real".

and "meatspace" is just kinda silly.

@ada That's a good question. I've learned on things like "analog plane/space" or "offline spaces" for this.

@jalcine @ada these, or "physical space" are the terms I've seen most

@jalcine @ada

I like “offline” but “analog” grates on me because it still implies electronic communication. (In much the same way that a film camera is *chemical*, not analog.)

Of course, I also like “meatspace” because it’s silly.

@ada "the physical plane" if you want to go D&D nerd on it.

My fav term is dirtspace, but that might not be significantly less silly than meatspace.

AFK -- Away From Keyboard

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@sean Is CC-by-NC-ND welcome on vidcommons, or only free culture content?
@clacke We actually already have that.

I really don't like ND, but I do have a few pieces of media under that license, since I can still legally share them.

Really hate that CC embraced that one, though.

@bortzmeyer @ada huh, cool! i haven't really heard people using afk since, well, smartphones became ubiquitous, i guess.

nice to see that's still around.

@ada It feels more and more like the unreal world.

@ada I got used to "meatspace", but in most contexts that I want to refer to that sort of thing, I find that the phrase "in person" conveys what I want to get across.

@Skirmisher @ada i got used to "meat vs cyber space" long enough ago that both seem about equally silly to me.


i know people who favor "offline" and "the overworld" although each of those i think covers a slightly different slice of the meat-and-elections universe so they're not drop-in by any means but rather context dependant. 🤷‍♀️

@Skirmisher @ada i've started saying "meatside" instead of "in meatspace" recently and i'm hoping i can get other people to adopt it but it is definitely silly tho

@gdkar @ada I tend to be uncertain about "offline", because it seems to unnecessarily segregate the Internet from the physical plane, with connotations similar to (yet distinct from) "real life".

Like, you can have an "in-person meetup", but it's not like everyone attending is cut off from the 'net, they're gonna be shitposting about that nonsense joke someone just made, y'know?

@Ada Rose Cannon🥀
"Matespace" and "Metaspace", just to make it really confusing.

@ada (honestly these days I've given up on avoiding the silliness and just use "meatspace", even in workplace comms)

@ada Anthropologist Tom Boellstorff uses “the physical world” which is just being fancy about “meatspace” but I like it.

@ada I usually say, "real space." It's accurate, intuitive, and concise. 🙂

@ada @Gargron “This is the true story…of seven strangers…picked to live in a house…(work together) and have their lives taped…to find out what happens…when people stop being polite…and start getting real…The Meatspace.”

@ada something like "offline" can work I think, short and I hope not value assigning as better/worse/whatever.

Not sure, I'm interested in alternatives as well.

(Sidenote "meatspace" I find frequently associates with those who use "meatsuit" and I find that a whole fascinating phrase commonly linked to interesting bodily experiences - by which I mean dissociation and dysphoria)

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