I get so annoyed that the huge amounts of invasive tracking through apps and the web doesn't even give good results.

The boxes are they put people in aren't relevant to modern lifestyles. It assumes everyone is cis, straight and has life goals less complex than Sims characters.

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I was looking at how I would target myself but seems the moment you stop conforming to traditional/capitalist aspirations wrt to having a family, children, car & home they don't seem to see or understand you anymore.

Capitalism thrives off subverting the causes of those who would oppose it by commoditising their cause it and selling it back to them but ad networks seem totally stuck in an old school way of thinking.
No amount of clever machine learning can fit a round peg into a square hole.

On one hand I am glad I confuse the system on the other if I'm going to be made to watch ads at least show me something I care about.

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