Seeing news results on side by side with really highlights the way Google's algorithms promote hate.

@ada I've got bad news for you: Google algorithms is design to show what you would like to see. If you're the kind to look for information about that subject it will show you link to it. And if you open more "hate" article than "normal" article (like.. Everyone who is an activist about it and do research to see the oposition) ... Google will fill your results with that shit.. And you asked for it ^^' Every google result is diferent for each of us.. It's how it work ^^'

@ada It don't change anything. Your public/local IP, browser unique ID, account logged on it (even in incognito) (If google chrome or chromium based browsers).. etc.. it give the search engine all it need to still have a good profile about you.

Google still want to give you accurate and "desired" results in incognito mode. It's design only to not leave cookies and histories ;)

@ada If you want less"biased" result, use TOR and do multiple search with the same criteria while changing your exit node.

Google will adjust it's result depending on the previous search from that exit node and the location of it.

To summarize, Google is always biased. But eh, it's what it need to be to be efficient.

Like: If I type "C", because I'm a programmer, it will show me C language documentation. My girlfriend it will be the history of the "C" Latin letter on wikipedia :)

@ada And that's why Duckduckgo will never be "as good" as Google. It don't track you.. so it has no idea of who you are and it have to guess. And that why sometime theirs results are "not good at all" compared to what google can provide.

@ada So.. to summarize: Google will promote hate if the area / user is prone to it ^^' Because it's guessing it's what the people what to see :P Not because they have an agenda about it (I hope) ^^' By example: I don't have any of those kind of result on my side.

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