You can't "both sides" an issue like this Google. A politely worded letter stating that women should not be in tech is more violent than the most vitriolic retort.

There is no middle ground where one person is arguing that you should not exist.

🚨 a new lawsuit against Google. A former engineer claims he was fired for criticizing James Damore's memo and for posting politically ~liberal~ content…

Trying to maintain a status quo which is built on racism, misogyny and homophobia is only beneficial to those who hold those values.

There is no 'keeping politics out of tech' tech is not apolitical most of our job constructing models based off our own world view.


When you say 'keep politics out of tech', you mean 'your politics', you don't feel the existing politics of white supremacy and misogyny because you are so used to it you can't feel it anymore or you are actively contributing to and benefiting from it.

Keeping politics out of tech, is trying to exist in a world that does not want you, will constantly question your validity and will kick you out if you complain about it.

@ada Do you believe that distributed ledger technologies have made putting politics into tech a functional requirement?

@ada I think a great question about "smart contracts" is whether or not they're even contracts. A lot of the eco-racism around gerrymandering[0] would probably centralize developer talent to coastal cities, even if they're not really contractually binding in some cases[1].


@wittysense i think any tech we build reflects the politics of it's designer just as any art reflects the politics of the artist. The danger of tech is that we pretend it is perfect, unopinionated and rational.

I have no opinions about Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers in particular.

@ada Do you think that blockchains' governance problem is a political problem? Do you think data structures are ontologically significant to political structures? If knowledge is imperfect and uneven, can any person conceivably rationally aspire to perfection?

@wittysense again, i have no familiarity with blockchain tech or the politics therof I avoid that whole community like the plague.

What the hell with the second question? It seems more of a theological one rather than a social or tech one.

@ada It's an interesting question at W3C as far as DRM goes, I suppose.

@wittysense @ada "Dsitributed ledge technologies" have moved a lot of money into scammer's pockets, and that is about all it has done. I suppose it has made a political point by showing why financial regulation is absolutely necessary.

@WAHa_06x36 @ada I like the examples I've given which are clear and present in everyday politics, regarding gerrymandering — nobody needed blockchains to facilitate gerrymandering, yet now we all seem to think that blockchains can bring "transparency" to land banking. What do you think makes technologists think that way?

@ada eeeehh, nice to read that my English final will be applicable next week in class

((It’s on diversity in comp sci and comp literacy v_v;;;))

The tech industry is already dripping with politics, and libertarian-capitalism is reigning. This ideology promotes the mythical concept of "meritocracy" which is used excuse the marginalization of anyone who is not a 20-something cis-white hetero male, and actually leads to denial that it even does happen. It is also the ideology that had let to massive corporate centralization of the internet.

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