also started wrapping up my old fpga project, 100MSps ADC/DAC baseband pulse shaping/demodulation on a Cyclone IV with an LCD for controlling the output and viewing the return signal

it's nice to get back into some hardware projects after months of software!

made a little adc on my ice40 fpga over the weekend.. one R, one C, one LVDS input on the fpga, and it spits out 1Ms/s 8bit over UART!

And, OK, looks like my Mastodon cross-posting to Twitter works alright but doesn't handle threading really.

Anyway I was so pleased with it working I applied heatshrink which immediately tore the wires off the pads, taking me back to stage one except with loads of epoxy gunk everywhere and some tracks lifted. What a day. Shopping list: finer enamelled wire, acetone, new tip for the metcal, 5min epoxy instead of 30min, and ideally a sunday afternoon back please

Amazingly it worked the first time (green light is happy!), which is a relief as I'd already applied epoxy by then!

So anyway it took about four hours of very careful scraping and soldering and re-soldering and etc, and this 30AWG wire was wider than the track pitch on the flex, but...

It's a flex PCB wrapped around a metal core, with gyros/accels glued on the inside and a bunch of precision inst. amps on the outside, a chunky DSP, and some other goodies like these weird high precision resistors?

The tear totally breaks a very expensive sensor, so it was worth trying to fix. A bit of work with a knife and I had the plastic top off, revealing...

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You can see the issue here -- the flex has torn on both sides (!) due to too many connection cycles

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Ever wonder what's inside this £600 inertial sensor? The flex on this one broke, so time to find out!


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