"We can also put fake heart rate and respiration in your video" - Rosalind Picard, Affectiva co-Founder

WIRED: Facial recognition has already reached its breaking point
citing UnConstrained College Students dataset as one of many egregious examples. Read about UCCS dataset megapixels.cc/datasets/uccs/

In 2018 a researcher at Hikvision Research Institute used a collection of surveillance videos of students from Duke University campus to train their surveillance technologies


Thank you Ars Electronica for awarding VFRAME with a 2019 Award of Distinction in the Artificial Intelligence & Life Art category! ars.electronica.art/prix/en/wi vframe.io/

Whitney Museum's director declined to provide a public comment. Forensic Architecture's new project at Whitney Biennial hyperallergic.com/500055/foren aims to increase accountability for weapons dealers

Upcoming talk on information supply chains for face recognition disruptionlab.org/ai-traps at Disruption Lab's next event on June 14 Berlin megapixels.cc/datasets/duke_mt

Researchers affiliated with China's National University of Defense Technology used a San Francisco webcam feed for developing surveillance technologies: megapixels.cc/datasets/brainwa

The year 2019: if you want to understand how the government is scanning your face you first need to waive your rights so a small amount of information from your device can be extracted and monetized by a company in order to deliver you news of the impending surveillance

These 22 people were put on a target list of 1 million names by Microsoft and used to build face recognition technologies megapixels.cc/datasets/msceleb

MegaPixels is now live. Investigating the ethics and origins of the face recognition datasets used to build authoritarian surveillance megapixels.cc

With 5 case studies linking datasets to use by foreign and domestic military agencies

DataPools with Anastasia Kubrak opening tonight at Bureau Europa in Maastricht for Digital Dilemmas: Architectures of Trust

Hidden party favor for those using wi-fi geolocation services at @bitnik's CryptoRave Nº 10 --> HEK Basel March 23 0b673cce.xyz

Using 3D modeling to generate synthetic datasets to train object detection models for conflict zones. Current research at VFRAME vframe.io/research/synthetic-d

During the next 6 months VFRAME is working with Syrian and Yemeni Archive to develop open source object detection models for human rights researchers and technologists

Congrats to Jeff Deutch for his excellent investigation on illegal chemical shipments from Belgium to Syria. The report has led to convictions and fines for 3 Flemish firms syrianarchive.org/en/investiga

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