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Collecting faces from Facebook for face recognition training datasets used "all of the photos that had been posted by each volunteer, all photos that had been tagged with any of our volunteers’ Facebook friends, all tags that were associated with any of these photos, and the network of friendships among our volunteers and their friends."

Freebase knowledge graph has become the fountainhead of facial recognition datasets from which flows forth the majority of publicly available facial recognition training data

According to NISTIR 8052, gender recognition algorithms are being evaluated on a dataset of dead people

800K images were scraped from Facebook to build facial recognition training dataset

"All domestic travelers" in the UK have been processed by Aurora's facial recognition system

Submit your face to a facial recognition company so they can provide a REST API for other facial recognition companies to determine your facial recognition privacy settings

in addition to providing a breath test to prove sobriety, drivers will need to verify the "breath test is in fact taken by the registered user"

Face recognition for home appliances on embedded processors (ARM A7, A8, A9)

"In order to offer the best possible user experience to each individual user, TV sets and other household appliances have to be aware who is using them."

Using facial landmarking to detect pain in sheep face images: "In this paper we present a method for localisation of facial landmarks on human and sheep"

does Moby know he's in the same face dataset as bin Laden and that it's being used by a facial recognition GPU mining company ( to improve retail facial recognition performance? 🤔

Illegal cluster munitions being used in Syria 3D printed at former nazi munition factory in southern Germany on display in a VW showroom in Berlin at Ars Electronica Export show:
- Karlsruhe HfG
- Ars:

GPU mining for facial recognition to analyze retail customer behavior with a system benchmarked by lfw/megaface

.@OpenAI@twitter's Glow neural network used to create real life "magic passport" (simultaneously biometrically verifies both persons)

If you're reading about it for the first time in the NYT it's already too late. Sharon Weinberger's article/research on sonic-microwave weapons from 2007 (FOIA 2006)

mouse scrolling reveals more behavioral data than using page down

“there is no super secret government lab with advanced AI way better than commercial industry. The government, the military, they are behind commercial industry.” - Gregory Allen (CNAS fellow) (27:00)

DoD seeking competitive edge against "computer vision camouflage" techniques

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