I have a bunch of friends from Twitter joining Mastodon tonight so I made a quick guide to how the site works. Making it public so anyone can see/boost it if it's helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


you may want to change "is the exact same experience as Twitter" phrasing

because like, personally that would scare me a little

maybe "is roughly like Twitter's timeline"

Nice! Thanks for sharing.

I’d suggest you look for @cassolotl’s guides as well. They’re really informative.

@adamk678 is there a way to for search toots (on just your instance or globally) that contain a certain word or phrase, or does the search function only find hashtags?

@Corax Right now search features are kinda up in the air, varying between instances. Some instances only let you search hashtags and users, some let you search your own toots. Most don't let you search other people's toots as a way to avoid targeted harassment. Search is still being worked on so what's available has been changing a lot lately as instances update. I'd get in touch with the admin of your instance to ask what is currently available in terms of search functionality.

@adamk678 A guide to how to customise Mastodon would be helpful too. I've never managed to work it out.

@safenetwork If you look at the screenshot above, see the icon in the top right corner of each column? That opens up the settings where you can choose what appears in the column and what order they are placed in. You can also pin and unpin columns from there if you want to add/remove any.

@adamk678 OK I've worked it out. Thanks. That could be more intuitive though...

On the federated Timeline it is forgotten to mention that those accounts haveto be followed by so on your own instance, not neccessarily you. So it is bit like a collective Home for public stuff that reaches your instance. (correct me if I am wrong, of course)

@adamk678 This feels like a really stupid question, but I can't for the life of me figure out where the setting is to add another column to the layout.

@jakobpunkt See the icon in the top right corner of each column? Click on that, and it will open up the options. Click "Pin" and the column will stay. On top of the Local and Federated timelines, you can also pin Lists and hashtag searches.

( not pertaining specifically to @adamk678 . general statement)


the more time I spend here the more convinced I am in dropping the term instance in favour of server.

I think "The Local Timeline shows public posts from accounts on the same server as you." is readily understood. The term instance frequently conjures an explanation. sigh

Am I the only one who thinks this?

@adamk678 ooh this is useful, but the federated timeline is composed of public toots from all instances that your host instance doesn't block right? I am not quite sure about this aspect yet

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @adamk678

Close. It's not posts from all instances. It's your local timeline + posts from people that folks on your instance follow, threads they participate in or toots they boost.

So it's sort of a sample of content from many instances -- what's in the sample is shaped by the behavior of people on your instance. Small instance with few users = small federated timeline.

@adamk678 awesome Adam! I told everyone, and my followers I was deactivating my account and getting out of Twitter! I need to go back now and tell them about Mastadon!

@adamk678 This is awesome. I really want to share it with friends on twitter. Would you mind me tweeting it out there?

@adamk678 Ah perfect! I was searching to see if you had tweeted it out, but couldn't find it. I'm glad to find another advocate of mastodon who uses twitter. I like to promote it out there, but ya know, I'm an artist primarily, so I'm not going to dump any place that I can get an audience :) Thanks for the help!

@adamk678 oh now i see the picture. you already answered it :)

@adamk678 this should be displayed upon first login instead of the welcome dialog.

@adamk678 it works almost exactly like tweetdeck if that helps some people.

@adamk678 Thanks to you and everyone that is helping us navigate a new social media platform. This is so helpful! ❤️

@adamk678 By the way; this is a great mini how-to in a pic! Great job!!

@adamk678 Glorious! Extremely useful to this little newbie C:

@DrToots Well, I guess, sure! You can sign up on any number of instances, and I'd call whatever account you use most your "main instance". But you can also set an account you don't use to redirect to the one you do. It's at the very bottom of the "Edit Profile" settings on the web interface. Hope this helps!

@adamk678 I didn't know the difference between local and federated. Thanks

@adamk678 there's no way to expand a colomn ? to have a larger view

@honeyxilia @adamk678 that depends on the theme you're using.

My instance has a theme that expands if I have less columns.

And actually, I just noticed you're on my instance! Switch to witches_town! :witches_town:

@adamk678 You can also make lists of accounts, and add them in extra columns similar to how TweetDeck handles it for :birdsite: The only annoyance I can see is that you can't add someone to a list from their profile preview.

@adamk678 ok, grace à vous je viens de comprendre qu'on pouvait afficher plus de colonnes, merci !!

@adamk678 could you consider reposting this with a image description?

@adamk678 Good, but #Mastodon is not a 'site'. It's a federation of instances, which are 'sites'.

@simon_brooke Right, I sacrificed some accuracy in order to be simple and easy to understand for people coming from the birdsite. Whether or not that was the right choice, I'm not sure.

@griffinspacejam great and how do I access the fucking explanation?? It's not in a thread or something.

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