Imagining if Mastodon called instances "neighborhoods" instead. The metaphor works really well IMO and doesn't sound like robot-speke.

We've had a lot of new arrivals recently, but I haven't seen this brought out again.

you, an idiot: slide in my DMs

me, a genius: scoot in my toot chute

It’s time I do my Official Mastodon Introduction!

Hi, I’m Adam!

I love , and I’ve worked for Indy Hall, Philadelphia’s oldest community since 2012.

I’m a huge fan of , and I especially love , Marvel’s muck monster. I co-host the Comic Book Junto with my friend, Octavius. Octavius has my left kidney.

I emcee , , and other “bar art” performances in Philly under the pseudonym Flirt Vonnegut.


Y'all, but really, how do I find another user on Mastodon? HELP ME FIND MIKEY ILAGAN.

If you see two or more apps on the store, the one that has the most release history is the real one. 👍 Look for the doggo 🐺

If you accidentally downloaded a scam version, I cannot guarantee what it’s doing under the hood. I suggest revoking access to the app *immediately*.

Brand new on Mastodon, and woo baby, I am confused. Sure could use some tips for getting started.


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