This world is a dumb place. Not everyone are how they act and look like. Keep your circle small and there's no use to tell your problems to people. No one gives a damn about that.

Everyone feels bad, but some of them don't show it. They put on a masquerade and move on, because they don't want to be detrimental to anyone or spread negativity.

I've lost few friends, myself and positivity. I want myself and positivity back. People be like ‘‘I'll never leave you’’ & then leave messages seen.

Remember – once we all were added to a WhatsApp group called “friends forver.” Lmao! They all have lost somewhere now.

Rest in peace garu. Very sad to hear this devastating news of the greatest, the legendary passing away. We were so hopeful that he was on the path to recovery.

Such a great artist and human being with an incredible personality, inspiring energetic spirit and so humble. SPB sir, your legacy continues through your music till eternity.

Ignorance is a poison that kills friendship, love and all the great feelings.

Current Mood —

A reunion of old friends, our gang.
Some foods, some drinks, some memories, a lot of laughter, leg - pulling, high fives, old crushes, stupid stories and a group picture. I miss you all.

*Karma Said*

“When somebody is not right for you, God will continuously use them to hurt you, until you're strong enough to let go of them.”

But I ask myself: ‘Why does God the send the wrong people then?’

”The secret of life is few friends who come into your life by luck and never leave.”

“Parallel lines can never intersect each other”, they said.

“But only parallel lines can walk together till infinity”, I replied.

@Gargron can we have inbuilt translation to toots, just as how it's in Twitter? It'd be awesome and more user friendly.

What is love?

Sleeping without a blanket at night and then finding yourself under a warm blanket in the morning – smiling because you know how much your mom loves you!

Love her back, for a mother comes only once, in your entire lifetime. If you find a another mother, trust me, your damn lucky – the most invaluable happening of your life.

Always smile and keep her happy and see yourself be blessed – forever, in an auspicious way.

Hey @stux give me some interesting and great reasons so that I can bring folks over to Mastodon. I'm not able to find convince - able reasons.
Help is appreciated 🙂.

The topper of the class is a happy Homemaker. Back bencher is an Entrepreneur. The Flambuoyant Fashionista Became a dreaded Lawyer. Often ignored Joe, turned a well known Writer. The one who failed in math paper, is a Fashion Designer. And one who often got to stand outside the class, is a respected Army Officer. The reunion taught me, how people come with many layers, and told me why we should never judge a book by its cover. Each child out there has a different success story!

You know, there comes a time when you don't even want the other person to love you back.

You just want yourself not to love them anymore.

Finding imperfection is easy – and sometimes useful, inasmuch as it helps you discover how you could do better.

But practice also finding the good in even imperfect objects. Learning to salvage beauty from everything that surrounds us is as much harder, as it is more valuable.

(This skill also makes you a better conversation partner – after all, grumbling is only fun when you’re the one who’s grumbling.)

@msfornation Welcome to @Mastodon. Hope you have a great experience! Best of luck for your journey.

Yeah, so now, needless to say, I love @Mastodon. It's so beautiful and great, than that fucking Twitter. Bye bye Twitter. Love you Mastodon.

(But needless to say, its difficult to get rid of Twitter account. But I'll get over it soon).

Love @Mastodon 💙

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