gender reveal party. i play you 6 minutes of static projected onto a large white sheet then look at you expectantly

As a #MaleFeminist #Ally I do my best to help #Women. That's why when I see a woman being wrong #Online, I don't tell tell her she's wrong. Instead I give her the correct #Opinion and tell her it's ok to admit #She is wrong and I'm right.

reviving jerry zalgo for the new year


Jerry: How do you do, Jerry #Seinfeld.

Elaine: Oh, how do you do. Elaine Benes.

Jerry: Would you like. Ç̷̔o̸͙͐f̵͕̉f̴͈͂ẻ̶̤ḛ̸̒. In My. Car??

Elaine: Oh no, let's do it now.

Jerry: C̸̢̃ò̶̻n̷̢͘f̴̦͐i̷̱͆r̴̻̿m̷̭͗e̵̬͋d̷͓͝
̶̱̊. *stands motionless eyes locked on hers; fists clenched*

Elaine: Okay...

Artie: Jerry, you goin' with us?

Jerry: No. I will be in my own A̴̠Ǔ̴̢Ť̸͈O̵̬̓M̷̥͠O̸͉͗B̷̛̲İ̸̫L̴͍̚E̸̪̊.

Artie: Why the Hell did I bring the wagon?

Jerry: *a loud series of clicks and grinding noises begin emanating from throat*

Pretty wild that we still let golf courses exist

rough sex followed by edit sex followed by final sex

@wyliecoyoteuk the men who opposed women's suffrage also accused feminists of misandry. You're in very misogynist company with your concerns about man-hating.

Some tips for meetup organizers who have no budget, a thread!

First off, tell attendees about accessibility of your venue and event ahead of time, even when it's missing. For example, "Unfortunately, there are two steps at the entrance and no ramp."

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i haven't done liquid eyeliner in months and it's kinda gummy but you'd better believe i can still ace it
[selfy, no eye contact, boost me]

idea for LGBT-centric sitcom or whatever with a straight neighbor who comes by and has bullshit problems and wants advice while the main cast is busy with their own shit

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