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I’m re-watching Yu Yu Hakusho and really enjoying it.

The dub has to be the best battle anime made to this day

It’s not flawless but it does so many things so well

I’m still trying to figure out how to be honest with my therapist and failing terribly

And it’s probably most telling that my evaluation of therapy so far is “I’m failing at it”

I’d really love to write something good again. But it takes so much “wasted” time and so much needs still to be done.

I am too old to understand Mastodon, and not popular enough to convince cute cool young trans folk to use Mastodon & draft off of them to my own benefit

You deserve all the people in your life who love you.

It rules having a union. Now that my evaluation period is over, I know that I can only be fired for cause or if there are budget cuts. Otherwise, I have a couple years of security.

We have to get to the point at which all of us have what I have

Trans milestone 

Dinosaurs: warn blooded or cold blooded? Scales or feathers? These are the questions herpetologists and paleontologists have asked for years. My new theory: none. The reason we can only find fossils is because they were only ever bones to begin with. That meteor broke the magic obelisk that was giving them life. Thank you very much

These two ex-Slack designers want to replace rest areas with airborne wind turbines

brainstorming alternate Breaking Bad titles 

It doesn't matter how old I get or how many times I see this done, it will always get me at least a little bit because I'm 12

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