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Addy Lerer 🏴🌹🌈✑️ @addylerer

NOTE: If you're tempted to send me a message about how ableism isn't a problem, please don't do that.

Think about it for a minute, believe in the experiences of disabled people, act better, and make this place better with it :)

If you do send me a message arguing with that, then expect a mute/block.

Tomorrow I'm going to contact a different religious studies person at UGA. The professor who said he was going to get in touch with me about the graduate program has not.

Ain't that just like straight men not to call? I wouldn't know. I just know that shit from hetero TV and movies.

@TrollDecker @GinnyMcQueen @plsburydoughboy Someone (I can't remember the link) is building a Tumblr-alike on the Mastodon skeleton, keeping the decentralization but making it more like Tumblr than Twitter.

i hope you are all doing well today

I am getting really tired of people policing words without knowing the dictionary definitions or the history of the words. Words can have different meanings! Words have roots and geographic variants!

Don't be a word cop because #acab.

I love that love is free here.
No silly "no homo" after saying we love each other.

Everyone knows we're all GAY AF!

@IgnisScientia I just prefer WoW. I'm not into anime. I tried to get into the latest FF yet I just couldn't.

growing as a person is fucking hard, comrades

but it is fucking worth it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Ask me about my Queer feminist Radical Left-Leaning Socialist Agenda.

ok here's some good quality pics of rufus cause u guys seem to love him and he loves y'all 2

Nothing like staying up late and watching Ancient Aliens: Declassified. Still better than Iron Fist.