Watching things get shot in to space never gets old. Also, landing rockets on drone ships. πŸš€πŸ›Έ

Well that was fun. Migrating a pretty simple javascript react project to typescript took two evenings because of a rouge

const React = require('react');

line causing a smattering of errors that, in retrospect, make sense -- but in no way helped me track that down.

Tomorrow: actually make progress.

Hello TypeScript, why you're a fun thing to learn tonight!

We sometimes wonder if the garage is closed. Well, now there’s a micro controller keeping track of if our garage door is up or down and posting to Slack.

Switching between reading a book on Digital Signal Processing and a podcast with folks ranking different milks ( ) is a pretty solid combination... right?

Wanted an iOS app to exist, but I haven't built an iOS app in many years -- and last time was using Objective-C (2011-ish?). Started learning Swift around 24 hours ago and I have a basic app that does a minimum of what I want already.

That escalated quickly. The idea came to me when I was soldering another project together.

Not sure where the sudden (last month or two) side project burst came from -- but it's welcome.

After a few haphazard attempts over the years, I finally built a seemingly stable broadcast HDTV dipole antenna.

Electrical tap is a core component.

I guess if I would have read the email newsletters I get I would have known released Mac versions of their radio programmers. And here I assumed I needed to find that Windows VM again.

Pressed the wrong button on my variable power supply. Fried a voltage regulator. 3.3v shot up to 13.3v.

There was smoke. 😱

I plan on getting some reading and zelda playing in on the flight.

Been traveling for the past few days and fairly behind on social networks. 6.5 hour flight starts soon.

Dammit wind.

Blowing coffee at me on one side and water on the other. I have a cold arm and a warm arm.

I've been traveling and mostly off the internet. Apparently it's been a pretty interesting day or so.

I went straight from "I forgot how interesting federated stuff is" to "how much more decentralized can we get!".


and off the deep end.

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