It also means that *using* hashtags is more important than ever. So, if we want small press comic folks to be visible, we should be using , for example. You'll become visible by the hashtag descriptions you use for yourself in your profile and toots

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On social but like queer art? Search and follow who you like. Want to see comics folks? Search and follow to your heart's content.

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Your main instance is your home base. Other instances are like heading out to work, or the pub, if you like. But they're not essential, and you can follow folk from any instance. That means hashtag searches are one of Mastodon's most crucial features, making the hashtag actually useful again.

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Bottom line: I'm still *mostly* using my .social profile, occasionally dipping into the other one.

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That last boost of mine from Aditya is *really* great for people who are still struggling with the idea of instances. I'd assumed it wasn't really necessary to have more than one instance and it's been borne out by me deciding to go ahead and join the comic space one - I'm seeing mostly the same content, and now have the thing of cross-following two profiles for each person

Bold Monday has a set of custom fonts (sans, serif and mono) made for IBM called IBM Plex available for free.

I've been using the mono version in my Ulysses writing environment all day and it's pretty great!

Here's a nice blogpost by @stealthmunchkin about Mastodon and why you don't need to worry about instances to use it. (Basically, think of it like email rather than like the bird site.)

Not to toot (see what I did there?) my own horn, but I’m so surprised by how well this panel turned out I just had to take a lap on it.

Hi! I'm Leslie and I'm a Taiwanese-American comic artist and writer. I'm currently working on a comic called Snotgirl that I created with my friend Bryan (Google it.) My work centers around pretty girls wearing nice clothes. and feelings.

I haven't been doing much personal work lately, but here's fanart I did of Cass from Moonstruck (Image). It's adorable urban fantasy slice of life!

Here's a pic of some of the badass work Joe Mulvey is doing for our new book, Wailing Blade.

I'll do a proper introduction later but hi I draw things, design things and colour comics that look like this ✨

More G-pen inking over an Eisaku Kubonouchi pencil drawing.

Wow, this legitimately feels like an exodus. So many of my favourite peeps on here.

First non-retoot post... I feel like this is the first day of school.

Anyway, hi, I'm Vita - your friendly neighborhood super brown nb writer. I write comics primarily, but also prose and other fun things!

I post about writing, art, comics, movies, tv and other media, mental health, being brown, being queer, etc etc etc

I can't spell and this thing doesn't have spellcheck...

Hi! I’m Ted. I ink comics (Princeless, Raven the Pirate Princess, a bunch of issues for Marvel, and now heading out into creator owned).

I like food (an inordinate amount), movies (a regular amount) and you (most of all).

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