short son : which class am I in
short son's dad : its elementary my dear shortson

There is now a Mastodon instance for publishing scientists: FediScience.

Everyone is welcome from PhD student to professor, as well as researchers from outside of academia. You are welcome to stay afterwards, but it is also easy to change to another server.

There will be a lot of science talk on this server, but there is no need to only talk science

Boosts are appreciated to let others know about this new instance.

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bitches be talking about forks and kernels. is this computers or is it dinnertime smfh

History repeats itself only if one does not listen the first time.

Too many programming words are long and unwieldy, so as of today I am shortening the word "breakpoint" to "broint"

We need a term stronger than bootlicker for people that blame a child for being at a protest for getting maced and not the fucking pig that maced a god damn kid. At that point I just don't think bootlicker cuts it anymore.

If shortbread is so good why isn't it longer

❓ Poll: Have you ever had to report content in your feed to a fediverse mod?

Followup: how fast was the response time?

Boosts requested; I'm writing an article about the moderation of decentralized networks.

It's kinda annoying how even after the depth of features of unreal engine 5 like the human isn't human looking enough

Don't get me wrong, it looks really really really good, it's just that part that bothers me

Genuine question, what are the major issues with replicating humans virtually ?,

yes sir, i've been an npc all my life sir. and my father before me sir

You, a coward: Python doesn't have a switch statement

Me, a modern-day Galileo:

The really easy approach to avoid forcing a user to install an application is building a website

Everyone knows this except the Indian government

Eye Contact 

Love means nothing to a tennis player.

@dpreacher what do you use instead of systemd for running needed processes, i.e. say you need to run uwsgi or something and manage it every time the server restarts ?

Like chron jobs or something ?

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