Listening to Rufus Wainwright’s rendition of “Hallelujah” on repeat.

Help, nerds!
Is there an app or an endless, looping track that plays the background, ambient noise of the Starship Enterprise (preferably TNG)?

I am in a horrible, dark headspace tonight, even if it’s one of my own creation. Anything to combat self-loathing would be helpful.

I hereby decree:
THOR: RAGNAROK is *the* superhero movie for fans of BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA.

I don’t know if this will matter to folks here on Mastodon — but I’m attending here in today!

Poll: Democrats say sexual harassment is a problem. Republicans are less sure.

What feels like a lifetime ago, I wrote and collaborated with several young artists on this brief account of life in Washington DC on September 11, 2001. Free to read and to reflect.

I have great admiration for Bruce Springsteen, just as much for his battles with depression and familial mental disease as his music for social justice.

I love my daughters. Seven and three are challenging, magical ages. I mustn’t let myself ever wish this time away.

I wish Octavia Butler had lived long enough to finish her "Parable" Trilogy. The depth of the first books, Parabale of the Sower, alone is remarkable.

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

At the moment, I'm recording video and audio tracks for my Dystopian Novels online class. We've moving from Lois Lowry's THE GIVER to Octavia E. Butler's PARABLE OF THE SOWER to end the semester.


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